Probate Records of John Inman

Harrisville Town Hall; Probate; Book 2, pp. 483-484; 15 Apr 1812:

Know all men by these presents that we John Inman, Asa Inman, Jesse Inman, Enos Inman and Tourtelotte Inman all of Burrillville in the County of Providence & State of Rhode Island, yeomen and gentlemen, and Susannah Inman, Esther Inman, & Olive Inman all of Burrillville aforesaid single women & Molly (?Mary) Burlingame of Situate, wife of David Burlingame and Lydia Wood residing in the State of New York wife of James Wood and Sarah Bartlett of Samuel Bartlett of said Burrillville and Contenta Wall of said Burrillville Being at law to the estate of the said deceased and also herein at law to the estate that was’t Inman, late of said Burrillville, deceased died … that for and in Consideration of a Reasonable and just settlement in the division of all the estate that the said deceased … of that subscribe our names to the following agreement & jointly & severally agree and have jointly and severally agree to bind ourselves & all respective heirs, executors & administrators in the following manner and to the following agreement that is to say that after all the …debts & funeral charges of the said deceased are paid that then to divide all that appertained of the property that belonged to the said deceased at the time of their deaths equally share and share alike and we do further agree that … any of us had against our Honoured father John Inman at the time of his death except what Tourtelotte Inman bought for his said father in his East …shall be void & of … and to be considered as no debt against said estate and we do further agree that whereas our honoured mother Sarah Inman is in a senile and infirm state of health for to support her equally until the last expense of her support shall amount to the value of the above said property of our said mother If our said mother should survive we furthermore agree to support her during her natural life in proportion to the value that the brothers had of their honored grandfather John Inman to the value that the sisters had of their said father & we further agree that Capt Jonah Ballou shall appoint a place for our said Mother to live and to see that she is taken care of well meaning her to live with one of her children & further agree that the said Sarah Ballou & George Smith shall determine and say what the one that hereth our said mother shall have per weak and also to decide the personal property of the said deceased and also to divide a lot of land that lays between the lot of land that belongs to Susannah Inman & a lot of land that belongs to Olive Inman, we further agree & do appoint and constitute the above said Sarah Ballou with full power to collect from each & everyone of the following subscribers their equal proportion of the care & expenses of the support of their said mother & to pay it over to the one that both keep our said mother agreeable to the judgement of the above said and the above said Ballou shall collect the money once in two months to pay it over as above said. In confirmation we have hereunto interchangeably set our hands and seals this 7th day of April, 1812.

John Inman, Susannah Inman, Asa Inman, Content Wall, Jesse Inman, Molly Burlingame, Enos Inman, Tourtelotte Inman, Esther Inman, Sarah Bartlett, Olive Inman. Signed, sealed, & delivered in the presence of: Cadbury Mitchell, John Estee, witnesses.

Harrisville Town Hall; Grantor Book 3, pp 64-66; 20 Aug 1814:

Probate: Captain John Inman

Whereas we the subscribers being appointed by the honorable court of Probate, the town of Burrillville a committee to appraise, divide, and make partition in the real estate that belonged to the late Capt John Inman Late of said Burrillville deceased who died intestate as herefore are the said subscribers meet on the 30th day of March, 1814, and being informed the heirs to said estate being notified we proceeded on the said business, we found a lot of deed that belonged to the said deceased by estimation about sixteen acres all of which we appraised at four hundred and eighty dollars and divided the said lot into twelve shares which … to be twelve heirs to said estate and have divided and made partition of the same in the following manner: That is to say we assign to the several and respective heirs the Lots as they are numbered against their names in the foregoing. That we abridge to Enos Inman lot #1 and is bounded in the following manner at a stake and stones in the line of the land that belongs to Joseph Mattweson and his wife and is a bound of Sussanna Inman’s land then face East by and with said Susannah’s land sixty seven rods to a stake and stones, then due …About sixty seven rods to a stake and stones then due North three rods and about eight links of chane to the afore mentioned bound. (The following parcels have stakes and stones and rods and links of chane, etc: Lot # 2 of land to Olive Inman To Lydia Wood Lot # 3 To Sarah Barrttell Lot #4 To John Inman Lot #5 To Susannah Inman Lot #6 To Asa Inman Lot #7 To Esther Inman Lot #8 To Contenta Wall, granddaughter Lot #9 To Mary Burlingame Lot #10 To Jesse Inman Lot #11 To Tourtelotte Inman Lot #12

We present the above … partitions & plat of the said Real Estate of the said deceased with the warrant here unto annexed to the Honourable Court of Probate of the Town of Burrillville & pray their exceptance & approbations of the same. We charge for our services $5.00 Jirah Ballou, Isaie Ross Jr, John Igters(?). At a court of Probate between, within, & for the Town of Burrillville in the County of Providence on the 20th day of August 1816-----Voted the foregoing Report be received & ordered Recorded-------Recorded by B. Paine