The Last Will and Testament Of Joseph Inman

I, Joseph Inman, being of sound mind & manner, but of feeble health, and knowing the uncertainty of life, and the certainty of death, do make the following dispositions of my property as my last will and testament.

Item 1st - It is my will & desire to be interred in a plain, neat coffin by the side of my beloved wife, and a neat, plain tombstone or monument to be erected over the graves of each of us. The expense of my buriel & tombstone to be paid out of the money with which I may be posessed.

Item 2nd - After the payment of my burial expenses, I devise in the next place the payment of all of my just debts out of the money of which I may be posessed.

Item 3rd - I devise & will to my great niece Susan McCallister for her sole & separate use, and free from the control and disposition of her husband or liability for his debts, a certain tract or parcel of land, being a part of an occupant? which I purchased of James Inman, and upon which she & her husband, Porter McCallister now reside, known as the "Abe Patch," and bounded as follows - Beginning at a Beech Corner marked "P. S." being N-East corner of a twenty-five acre tract which I saved at bought as an occupant of James Inman, which was extended to two hundred acres running; thence North to my North East Corner running; thence West down the centre of the hollow so as to include the spring, - thence up the hill in an oblique direction so as to stnke? the corner of the "Abe Patch" thence around the brow of the hill so as to include all the land suitable for cultivation until we reach the South-East Corner of the "Abe Patch" and from there in a direction to the beginning.

Item 4th - I bequeath to my Great Nephew James Jasper Inman two hundred dollars to be paid to him by my Executor out of the money or assets of which I may be possessed.

Item 5th - All the balance of my property of every description including land, Negroes, money, stock & money assetts of every kind I bequeath and devise to my two great Nephews, John C. Inman, and Joseph C. Inman. And it is my earnest wish and desire that my slaves who have always been dutiful and obedient should be kept together, and in every respect well treated. And if either one of my two great Nephews, Joseph C. and John C. desire, or be compelled to sell any of the slaves -that they will permit her, or him or them to select & choose their homes & masters. And if either of them should die without selling or disposing of them - that then they so arrange it by their last will & testament that said slave be sold, according them the priviledge of selecting their masters, or be kept together and not hired out. My great wish & anxiety being to secure to them kind and good treatment.

I hereby appoint John C. Inman & Joseph C. Inman my Executors, without security, to carry into effect this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills which I have heretofore made. In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal, and called upon witnesses to bear witness to the same - this the 22nd of January 1855.

s/ Joseph Inman (seal)

Signed & sealed & acknowledged in our presence
___specially called upon to witness same - this 22nd of January 1855.

                                                           Note: Recorded in
s/ William T. Abernathy                             Giles County Court House
Samuel Rogers                                             Pulaski, Tennessee