Will of John Inman, 1625.


    John Inman of Bury St. Edmunds, merchante, 6th October 1625. I give and bequeathe for the advancement of the children of Richard Montayne of London, merchante, my sonne in lawe by marriage with Rebecca my late daughter, the sum of one hundred and five pounds, to be equally parted amongst them at their severall ages of one and twentie years. Unto George Boldero, my wive's eldest sonne, three pounds. Unto Thomas Boldero, one other sonne of my siad wife three pounds. Unto Elizabeth Morfew, wife of Thomas Morfew and daughter of nysaid wife three pounds. Unto Richard Gondiage of King's Lynne merchant, my brother, my graven silver tankard, which was mine before marriage with my nowe wife. To Thomas Goodings his eldest sonne, Richard Goodings his younger sonne and Katherine Goodings his daughter. Unto Tryphoas Clarke, widow, and to Alice Osborne, widow, my wive's sisters, money to buy ringes. Residue to Margarett my well beloved wife whom I appoint sole executrix. James Fayercliffe a witness. Probate 29th Oct. 1625, to Margaret Inman, the relict.

Arch. Sudb. Liber "Pearle," to. 318.

    At his Inquisition post mortem, George Boldero, gentleman, Margaret Inman's first husband, who died 8th Nov. 1600, was found to have held a tenement and land in Bury St. Edmonds, the site of Babwell Friary, and lands in Fornhain All Saints and Westley. George Boldero, his son and heir, afterwards of Ixworth, was then aged eleven years and four months.