The Last Will and Testament of John C. Inman

I, John C. Inman of the County of Giles and the State of Tennessee, being 
of sound mind and disposing memory, and knowing the uncertainty of life and
the certainty of death and being in feeble health also, do hereby make this
my last will and testament, hereby revoking all wills & parts of wills by
me at any time heretofore made.
It is my will and desire that all my just debts be paid out of the first
money that may come into the hands of my Executor (to be names herein after)
together with my burial and funeral expenses.
I will to my beloved wife Sarah N. all that portion of my land known as the
Parker tract containing about fifty five acres and, and about five acres
off of the tract whereon my house is being built, to be so? sum of as to
inclood the Mansion house where I now reside & all the other out buildings
& spring, and I will to her also one fifth of all my perishable property of
every other description and that she is to have the free and full use of the
same during her natural life or widowhood, but in the event of her death or
marriage it is my will & desire that the above land & perishable property go
to my four children named Joseph Wiley, James Nathaniel, Susan Elizabeth,
Nancy Jane.
And it is my will & desire that all the balance of my property be equally
divided between my four children, as above named as they may arrive at the
age of twenty one years.
It is my will & desire that all the property that I may die possesed of may
remain on the premises & nothing be sold, unless my Executor shall see it
necessary for the payment of my debts, said property inclooding Negroes &
stock to remain for the sole & entire use of my wife & childrens support, and
tho same be not diminished, especially the negroes.
It is my will and desire that if any of my slaves become refractory or
unmanageable, that my Executor be & is hereby impowered to sell the same &
make for me a good warrantee letter & invest the said money in other Negro
property according to his selection.
Having entire confidence in the integrity of my Brother Joseph C. Inman and
my Neighbor & friend Q. T. Mayfield I do hereby appoint them my Executors of
this my last will & testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 9th July AD 1858. s/ John C. Inman (seal) Acknowledged in presence of us date & day above written Note: Recorded in William T. Abernathy Giles County Court House Samuel Rogers Pulaski, Tennessee