Transcript of Bible Record
Early Inman Family Bible; believed that of
John INMAN and his wife Anna CHILTON

Bible is in the Possession of Virginia Hale? Morristown, TN. It was examined and family record pages photocopied on October 5, 1992, by this contributor; Joseph A. Chilton, Jr.

Bible can be described as very old and large, about 8 1/2 x 11, very thick with fragile pages, worn badly, with the front cover, beginning pages, and the first 12 numbered pages missing. Page 13 through 1056 (last page) is intact. Publication date unknown.

FAMILY RECORD (pages 677 through 680)

MARRIAGE (page 677) (No entries made in Bible)

BIRTHS (pages 678 & 679)

DEATHS (page 679 & 680)