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of  Leroy D. INMAN

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Leroy D. Inman his Book August the 9th 1835
Leroy D. Inman was born the 14 day of September 1813

According to an old record
Ezekiel Inman was born on the 19th day of May 1786
Matilda Taylor was born the 17th day of June 1789
They were married the 31th December 1805

Parmenas T. Inman was born the 23th day of December 1806
Abednego W. Inman was born the 8th of February 1809
William R. Inman was born the 2th day of April 1811
Leroy D. Inman was born the 14th day of September 1813
Betty W. Inman was born the 20th day of January 1816
Arguile H. Inman was born the 19 day of January 1819

Mary Ann Inman was born the 17 day of April 1821
Caroline M. Inman was born the 16 day of September 1824

Leroy D. Inman was bornd the 14th day of September 1813
Leurana Davis was bornd the 17th day of April 1818
They were married the eighth day of September 1836

Leroy D. Inman Died April 8th 1840

James Madison Inman Died June the 16th 1863

Leurana Stewart Died the 8 day of August 1896

W. T. Inman Died April 7, 1912

J. A. Inman died Dec. 4, 1922

Willis Taylor Inman was borned the 8th day of July 1837
James Madison Inman was bornd the 5th day of September 1839
John Franklin Stuart was bornd November 29th 1843
Miles B. Davis Departed this Life May the 25th AD. 1846
Deborah Davis Departed this Life November the 30th AD. 1854