The Will of Benjamin Inman of SC

Index S.C. Wills Inman, Benjamin 1 1776-1814 Book B Page 69

In the name of God Amen     

I Benjamin Inman of Newberry County State of South Carolina Ninety six 
District, being weak of Body but of sound memory and in my perfect senses 
Thanks be to God for his mercies have thought it, To make ordain and 
Constitute and I do hereby make Ordain and Constitute this my last Will and 
Testament in manner and Form following.

          Imprimis                  That is to Say
First it is my desire that after my Decease my Body shall be Interred in a 
decent solemn and christian like manner the descretion of my Executors.

Secondly I will and hereby Order that all my just debts and Funeral Charges 
be justly functionally & timely paid out of my movable estate and outstanding
Debts before any Division or distribution there of be made.

Thirdlly I give and bequeath unto my well loved Wife Elisabeth one third of 
the remaining part of my moveable estate to Her and To her Heirs and assigns
for Ever.

Fourthly I Will and hereby Order that The remaining Two Thirds of my moveable
Estate be equally divided Amongst my Eight Children namely Ahab, Arthur, 
Benjamin, Jehu, Ferrele, Charles, Elizabeth and George Inman.

Fifthly I also give and bequeath unto my aforesaid Wife all the proffits 
arising from my Lands and likewise full possession of the same during her 
natural Life or Widowhood and from and after the marriage or Decease of my 
said Wife I give and Bequeath all my Aforesaid Lands Together with all and 
singular  Their rights Hereditaments and appertenances unto my Six Sons 
Their Heirs and assigns for Ever in such manner as is hereafter mentioned 
(Viz) that This Land Shall be equally Divided among my Sons as soon as they 
attain The Age of Twenty one years which a Division of Lands shall be left 
in the power of the __ Exc to transact as in their  judgments They Think 

Lastly I do hereby Nominate and Appoint my trusty and well beloved Brother 
Jehu Inman and my Loving friend Joseph Furnace sole Exc To this my last 
Will and testament Ratifying and confirming this and no other To be my last 
will and Testament hereby Revoking all other and disannulling all former 
and other Wills by me made or suffered To be made In Witness whereof I have 
hereunto set my Hand This fourth day of November Anno Domini One Thousand 
seven Hundred and Ninety Eight.

                                       Benjamin Inman (Seal)

Signed sealed pronounced ackmowledged by

                   his   x   mark

these said Benjamin Inman for his last will

and testament in the presence of us who

where present at the signing and sealing thereof

in his Own Dwelling House

              John S.    x    Duncan

                      John Thomas _______

                             _____  _____ ?Grove?

3 Oct 1799 South Carolina