1813, May 17. Inman, Benjamin, Sr., of Mansfield Twsp., Burlington Co.; will of.

Wife. Rachel, in addition to her right of dower, a bed and bedding, bureau and household goods as she chooses; also a cow, 4 sheep, and provisions. Two sons, Jacob and Barzillai Inman, all lands, subject to dower right of their mother, and following legacies. Son, Benjamin, $1,700; also my silver watch. Daughter, Rachel (wife of Samuel Fowler), $1,000. Daughter, Elizabeth Inman, $1,000; also 1 bureau, bed and bedding, breakfast table, 6 new chairs to make her equal with her sister, Rachel. Son Barzillai same portion out of my estate as I gave Jacob "when he settled." Residue of all estate to said sons, Jacob and Barzillai. Executors - sons, Jacob and Barzillai. Witnesses - Daniel Ivins, Benjamin Shreeve, Elisha Shreve. Proved Dec. 10, 1813.

1813. Dec. 4. Inventory, $6,252.26; made by Joseph Satterthwaite, Benjamin Shreve. File 12651 C.

New Jersey Colonial Documents p. 202