In the presence of thes witnes present I acknoleg this my last will and testament. This land I now live on I give to my three suns Shedrach Inman, Benjamin Inman and John Inman at my wifes decease, I will my two oldest slaives Edekiakiah and Winne to go free and think myself in duty so to do. My thre dayters Annes Cowan, Polly Bair and Peggy Harriet Wood the remaind of my estat after my lawfiil detes is payd. I do not alow enything to be desttrebuted in during my wifes netuel lifetime but what will pay my gest dets. Benjamin Inman and Shedrach Inman I leeve sole executors of this my last wlll and desire it to be recevd the sem. I do not alou the land to be sold or devded into eny smauler porcels but the executors to do what tha think is rite and gusth the entry includ as land.

Witness my hand this twelvth day May one thousand eight hundred and thirty.


s/ Bed Inman

Nicholas Bragg
Mary her X mark Bragg
Archiband T. McSpadden

State of Tennessee

Jefferson County March Sessions 1831

The last will and testament of Abednego Inman deceased was presented in open court for probate and thereupon came Nicholas Bragg & Mary Bragg two of the subscribing witnesses to it's signing (the other witness being dead) who being duly swom deposeth and saith they saw Abednego Inman sign said instrument of writing and acknowledge the same to be his act and last will and testament for the purposes therein expressed, and at his request and in his presence signed our names as witnesses to said will whereupon it is ordered by court that said will be admitted to record, and thereupon came Benjamin Inman and Shadrach Inman the Executors named in said will, entered into bond, was qualified and took upon themselves the execution of said will. I Joseph Hamilton Clerk of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the County aforesaid do certify that the foregoing is a true copy taken from the records in my office. Given under my hand at my office this 15th March 1831.

S/ Jos. Hamilton Clk.