Keren Virginia Inman Stewart born June 9th 1879.

Keren Inman's Bible

Presented to her by her Father

Dec 25, 1895


Keren Virginia Inman

Born June 9th 1879.

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Edward W. Stewart and Keren V. Inman were united in the bonds of matrimony on the 15th Nov. 1899 7.30 p.m.


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Walton Inman Stewart was born on Monday October the 8th 1900.

He left us to dwell with the Angels on Friday Dec 13th 1901 – age 14 mo 5 da.

John Edward Stewart was born on Monday May 25th 1903.

He died October 29th on Saturday evening 1904 age 17 mo 4 da.


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William LeRoy Stewart was born Friday July 27, 1906 Tampa Fla.

Francis Louise Stewart was born Sunday Nov 27, 1910 Starke, Fla.


These 2 pages came out of a small Bible given to my Mother as shown on the 1st page.

9-8-77  LeRoy Stewart


transcribed 12/19/2005 by Melissa S. Stewart