Family Bible of Frederick A. Inman

Mr. Frederick A. Inman b. 18 May 1846 in Waxford, MA, died 12 May 1903 

Annie Perkins Inman b. 7 Aug 1848 Boston, MA d. 3 March 1889, wife of Frederick A. (note: Annie died during birth of a daughter; the baby died soon after, you will see it in the deaths) 

Mr. George S. Inman b. in Boston 25 Nov 1874; son of Frederick A. and Annie P. 

Mr. Harry Bigelow Inman, born in Boston 6 March 1876, son of Frederick A. and Annie P. Inman (my grandfather) 

Mr. Frank Abbott Inman born in Boston 16 May 1878, son of Frederick A. and Annie P. (note:; George Harry and Frank are brothers) 

Miss Annie Robinson Inman born in West Newton, MA 3 March 1889, daughter of Frederick and Annie P. Inman 

Miss Harriet Lee Inman, born in Bergenfield (my sister) 12 Oct 1948, daughter of Frederick Bigelow Inman and Ruth Walker Inman (Her married name is Hofmann) 

James Frederick Hoffmann, son of Harriet Lee Inman Hofmann, b. 16 March 1971 in Dundee, Scotland

David Alan Hofmann b. 21 Sept 1973 in Montrose, Scotland, son of Harriet Lee Inman Hofmann and Roy Carl Hofmann 

Miss Elizabeth (Betty) Mae Inman, born in Bergenfield 9 Aug 1951, daugher of Frederick B. and Ruth Walker (My married name is Cohee) 

My children: 
Brian Michael Cohee, born Oak Lawn, Ill. 7 July 1982 
Todd Cohee, born Oak Lawn, Ill. 1 Sept 1984, died 2 Sept 1684 
Mark William Cohee, born Harrisonburg, VA 15 Jan 1986 

Children of James Hofmann and Sara Skierski (Sara b. 20 May 1972, Texas) 
Tyler James Hofmann b. 1 March 1998 
Matthew Hofmann b. 28 Dec 2000 


Mrs. Annie Perkins Inman d. 3 March 1889, age 40 years 6 mo. 4 days 
Miss Annie Robinson Inman died 31 March 1889 age 4 weeks, daughter of Annie Perkins Inman and Frederick A. Inman 

Mr. Frederick A. Inman (this was the last listing in my line I found in the Inman Compendium) d. 12 May 1903, age 56 years 11 months, 24 days 

Harriet Inman Woodson (daughter of Harry Inman and Nellie Mae Doane Inman) d. 24 Feb. 1941, age 33 years 5 mo. 

Frederick Bigelow Inman (son of Harry B. and Nellie Mae Doane -- my father) d. 10 Sept 1993, Carrollton, TX 

Harry B. Inman died 23 April 1948 (my grandfather) 

Nellie Mae Doane Inman d. 20 March 1955 age 77 yr. 2 mo. 21 days 

Submitted by Betty Inman Cohee,