I, Daniel Goins, do make ordain and establish this as my last will and Testament knowing that it is the lot of all men to die but being in good health and of sound mind and memory in the name of God Amen.

First it is my will that my first children by my wife Prisila Goins as they are all grown and married of __ and received their equal portions of my property that they be satisfied, with their portions and that they receive no more of my estate in any way.

Secondly that all my just debts, and my funeral expenses be paid and that my wife Jane have all the ballance of my Estate for her and her and my children by her for their benefit and to raise support and educate the said children, as she may thik best and that she keep full possession of all the house hold and kitchen furniture all my horses, cattle and hogs sheep, farming utensils and slaves, and debts due me in every way, with every thing else that is not herein specified, and I further appoint my worthy friend John Renfro_ my Executor to carry into effect, this my last will and testament.

And further that my Executor take and dispose of sufficiency of said Estate to pay all demands against _____ and that he give my wife Jane Goins, the right and privilege of setting apart such property as she may think proper for that purpose.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal in the presence of

John Baker
Pryor C. Dyer

Daniel x Goins

Hand writing of John Baker proven in open Court by John a McKinney examined by the Court and ordered to be recorded. The 1st Monday of March 1866