Martha Ann Inman (Karl) (Crowley)

Jennie Nelson Inman's Bible - verbatim transcript. 

Dedication Page: - In Jennie Nelson Inman's handwriting: 

to Jennie and Peter on their wedding day June 12 - 1895 
Father and Mother of Jennie"

Page 1: This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was Celebrated between

Peter H. Inman of Highland Park, Ills. 
and Jennie E Nelson of Chicago Ill. 
on June 12, 1895 at Chicago Ill. 
by N. O. Westergreen
Witness Fred.(?) Inman   Witness Aug. Anderson

[Note: The first three lines are in Jennie Nelson Inman's handwriting; the last two are presumably in the handwriting of the individual signing the page.]

Page 2: Marriages

Peter H. Inman - Jennie E. Nelson June 12/1895 
Milton Miller Inman - Angela Bartis (sic) Sept 6-1930 
Virginia Elizabeth Inman - Everett N. Morningstar Oct 2-1930 
Lowell Nelson Inman
Norman Walter Inman - Evelyn E. Erickson July 
[Note: above five entries in Jennie N. Inman's handwriting.] 
Martha Ann Inman - James Philips Karl May 28, 1953 
[Note: above entry in Martha A. Karl's handwriting.] 
Martha Ann Karl - David Meehan Crowley Jan 3, 1976 
Elizabeth Ann Karl - Robert Anthony Champion 1/31/76 
[Note: above two entries in Milton M. Inman's handwriting.] 
Catharine Lydia Karl - Gary Pentland Millikan 1/27/79 
[Note: above entry in Elizabeth A. Champion's handwriting.]

Page3: Births

Peter H. Inman Janesville Wis April 7-1867
Jennie E. Nelson Inman Chicago Ill June 15-1869
Milton Miller Inman Chicago Ill Nov 15-1899
Virginia Elizabeth Inman Los Angeles Cal Apr 4-1906
Lowell Nelson Inman Los Angeles Cal June 5-1909
Norman Walter Inman Los Angeles Cal Jan 12-1913
Martha Ann Inman Pasadena Cal Aug 27-1931 (sic)
Peter Lowell Inman Alhambra Cal Sept 5-1938
Eileen Inman Alhambra Cal Jan 5-1939
[Note: above nine entries in Jennie N. Inman's handwriting.]
Elizabeth Ann Karl Williamsburg, Va. October 13-1955
Catharine Lydia Karl Pasadena, Calif. Dec 23-1956
Willard Karl III Pasadena, Calif Feb 21-1959
[Note: above three entries in Martha A. Karl's handwriting.]

Page 4: Deaths

Peter H. Inman 
Jennie Nelson Inman 
Angela Bartos Inman Feb 10-1960
[Note: above three entries in Martha A. Karl's handwriting.] 
Lowell Nelson Inman
[Note: above entry in Milton M. Inman's handwriting.]

Page 5: Memoranda 
Peter H. Inman Born in Penn 0ct7/1825 - Died Feb 14-1904
Elizabeth S. Merry Inman Born in NY Sept 4-1834 Died June 1-1905
Sven Nelson Born Sweden May 1832 Died Sept
Anna Ronn Nelson Born Sweden Feb 24 1832 Died Jan 31-1899
[Note: all entries are in Jennie N. Inman's handwriting. Items above each line were inserted in that location in the original. There is no umlaut above the "0" in Ronn.]

Submitted by David M. Crowley.