G. G. INMAN, Dec'd, Will

In the name and love of God, Amen.

We Granville G. Inman and wife Catherine Inman being of sound mind and disposing memory, knowing the uncertainty of life, do make and publish this as our last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills heretofore made by us. We submit our souls to our father in heaven, our bodies to the grave and our worldly goods we divide to our children and heirs as follows:

Item first: We will and devise that all of our Just debts be paid as soon after our death as can conveniently be done by our Executor.

Item second: We will and bequeath to John T. Inman and A. A. Inman all of my home place in the first civil district of Williamson County Tennessee, the place on which we now live, one half of all of the land lying East of the South Hawpeth Creek to John T. Inman and his heirs and assigns forever. The dividing line between them to commence at a point in our South boundary line in Center of said South Hawpeth Creek and running down said creek as it now meanders to a point opposite the big gate leading in to my big field. Then through the center of said big field to to given line as to put of said field on the Eastern side and on the Western side.

Item third: John T. Inman must pay to my other children to wit to Jane Mangrum 3/5 of the $300.00 to Barbara Allen Poyner 1/5 of the $300, to my deceased son James Wesley's Children 1/5 to my deceased son Clay Inman's children 1/5 of the $300.00 and to my deceased son Monroe S. Inman's children 1/5 of said $300. And this $300 is to be paid by him in three equal annual payments of $100 each. The first $100 to be paid one year from my death, the second 2 years and the third three years after my death. None of said payments to draw interest until after said payment falls due. And a lien is here declared on the portion of land bequeathed to him until the same is paid.

Item fourth: A. A. Inman must also pay in the same manner the sum of $300 to same parties and exactly on the same time and terms as is here charged to John T. Inman. And a lien is also declared on his portion of said land herein devised for its payment.

Item fifth: It is our earnest request and desire that my two sons John T. & A. A. Inman will keep this land as a homestead in their family and that it be willed by them to their children at their death.

Item sixth: We will and devise that all the rest and remainder of our property including stock of every kind, household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils, notes and accounts be equally divided between my other five children to wit: to Jane Mangrum 1/5, to Barbara Allen Poyner 1/5, to James Wesley's children 1/5, to Clay Inman's children 1/5, to Monroe S. Inman's children 1/5 , and to carry this clause of my said will into affect I direct my executor herein after to be named to sell all of said property that we may die seized and possessed of except the land before mentioned as soon after death as can conveniently be done, collect in all monies due to us in any manner, pay the same to the above named parties as fast it can be done.

Item seventh: It is our will that respectable tombstones be placed over my grave and my wife's grave.

Item eighth: We expressly reserve of an acre of land for a family burying ground to include the graves that are now in the family grave yard, and also a right of way to and from said burying ground.

Item ninth: There shall be no division of property or sale until after the death of both of us. The survivor of us to remain in possession until death.

Item tenth: Having confidence in my friend R. N. Richardson we hereby appoint him as our executor and request that he carry out our instructions herein expressed.

In testimony of which we here sign our names. This the 9th day of July 1902.

G. G. Inman                

Catherine Inman               
her mark               

At the request of G. G. Inman &
Catherine Inman we have sign
our names as witnesses in their
W. T. H. Taylor
Wm. White
Granville Howell (his mark)
R. N. Richardson