A Family Record of Rufus Inman

Rufus Inman was born Mar 4th 1763
and was married to Mahitable Shippen December 15th 1785
She was born April 4th 1767
and by him had the following children:

  1. Lydia Inman was born June 30th 1785

  2. Deborah Inman was born March 28th 1787

  3. Rufus Inman was born March 29th 1789

  4. Nancy and Sarah Inman was born April 25th 1791

  5. Arnold Inman was born May 15th 1793

  6. Thankful Inman was born April 24th 1795

  7. Stephen Inman was born August 4th 1797

  8. Betsey Inman was born November 25th 1799

  9. James Inman was born March 11th 1802

  10. Aaron Inman was born May 13th 1804

  11. Nathan Inman was born October 22nd 1806

  12. Samuel Inman was born January 29 1808
      ???? Inman Died January 1809 (First word illegible but listed right under Samuel)

A.D. 1843 December 13th

One page is missing here.

Sarah Inman the mother of the above Children Was born January 22nd 1803
Deceased July 31st 1839
Aged 36 years 6 months and 9 days

  1. Stephen Inman and Barbary Inman Second wife was married August 27th 1840

  2. Sarah Inman was born August 31st 1841

  3. Stephen Inman was born September 23rd 1843

  4. Barbary Inman was born November 30 1810

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Stephen Inman Preserved

These records were written on parchment paper that has been handed down to family members.

Submitted by Linda (Inman) Davis