INMAN - Walter Inman, born May 7, 1868, in Miami County, Kansas, came to Wright County
in 1891 - 1892 with other family members and worked with his father on the family farm.

On Christmas Day of 1898, at Norwood, Walter married Etta Ryan, a sister of Mrs. Tom (Belle Ryan) Hill. To this union three children were born: John Birdell (1900 - 1971); Ida Belle (1901 - 1979); and Maggie who died in the flu epidemic during World War I.

"Bird" Inman never married. He lived in California most of his life and worked in the oil fields by Taft, CA, until his death. He is buried in "Inman row," Thomas Cemetery.

Ida Inman married Charles Allison Gray (1894 in Covington, OK) at Mansfield on July 5, 1922. Their children: Charles whodied in infancy; Pauline Elizabeth (1926); Edgar Gene (1928); Lindell Ray (1931) and Darlene Sue (1939). Lindell married Dorolene Chrisco and they have children
Gaye Lynette, Shelly Dawn and Donna Lynn.

"Sue" married James Joseph Hayes and they have children Dennis and Denise. Dennis is employed by the Missouri Department of Transportation. He and his wife Janet are parents of Derrick and Vanessa. Denise Sue married Dennis Gordon and they are parents of DeeAndra Jean Gordon (Dec. 4, 1990).

Ida and Charles Gray are buried at Bunker, MO. Charles was a World War I veteran and very active in civic activities in his community. Ida and Charles operated a liquor store in Bunker for many years.

Submitted by Opal Inman Williams