INMAN - Born in the same farm home as his father, Roy Kenneth Inman grew up listening to his paternal grandfather tell him stories of growing up and the hardships of life on the Kansas plains before moving to the Ozarks. Kenneth's parents, Orval and Velma Jones Inman. lived on farms near John Inman as Kenneth grew into adulthood.

Kenneth attended Cornelius School District #92 for the first eight years of his education. He graduated from Norwood High School in 1956. Shortly thereafter, he joined the Navy and went to Great Lakes Naval Training Station. Upon graduation from there he served aboard the U.S.S. Hornbill and on the U.S.S. Yazoo, patrolling the eastern coast of the United States.

Kenneth began working for the Frisco Railroad after he was discharged from the Navy and now is yardmaster for Burlington Northern in the Springfield yards.

On Feb.23, 1961, the marriage between Kenneth and Patsy Ballard, daughter of Clariborne and Opal Mae Floyd Ballard, took place in the Baptist Church in Mt. Grove. They became parents of twins, Sherry Kay and Jerry Ray (1966) at Burge Hospital Springfield. Jerry and Sherry received their elementary and high school education at the Logan-Rogersville School and their bachelors degrees from SMSU in Springfield. 2, 1867.

Jerry lives with his parents in rural Ozark, MO. He and Patsy are both employed by K-Mart stores.
Sherry lives in Springfield where she is an internal auditor with AEC, Inc.

Submitted by Opal Inman Williams