"Some Pioneer Settlers on Upper Penobscot"

Joseph Inman

"From York, ME., His father is said to have died there at the age of 120. Duty Inman, son of Joseph, saw him there at the age of 115. His wife was Annabel, probably daughter of Joseph Page. He was in Kenduskeag Plantation, 1789; probably within limits of what is now Orono. Said to have settled there June, 1783. Another account says he married Betsey, sister of Stephen Page, one of the first settlers in Orono; she died at the age of 94. It is said that she once killed a bear while on her way to the mill with a grist on her back. He died, age 98 and his wife at the age of 94. Children, I am not sure of."

I. Joseph, Jr., m. Lettice Holmes, June 11, 1798; both of Cobentown, pub by Col. J. Eddy. He had lot No. 40 as an early settler at Bangor, which he sold to Robert Treat.

II. Benjamin, m. Rhoda Davis; children b. at Bangor; Mary b July 9, 1827; Anthony W. b. Oct 22, 1829.

III. William, m. Betsey Spencer; was 22 or 23 years old, 1801.

IV. Henry, m. Sarah Davis; pub. Orono, Oct 24, 1812.

V. Daniel, m. Jane Mansel, pub. Orono, Feb 22, 1809.

VI. Duty, m. Sally Antoine Lachance, pub. Orono, Jan. 12,1810.

VII. Adam, m. Polly Brooks.

VIII. Thomas, m. Anna Spencer.

IX. Elias, m. Polly Myrick; Revolutionary Pensioneer, Treats lnfantry., July 16, 1830.

X. Charlotte, m. Thomas Tourtillot; pub. Orono Dec 21, 1808.

XI. Joan, m. _____ Cary of Veazie.

XII. Allen (?) m. Abigail Page; pub. Oct 20, 1812.

XIIl. Rufus Inman (?) of Corinth, 1794; was the son of Joseph Inman, Sen. He was in Orono, June 23, 1798, and in 1804.

From "The Bangor Historical Magazine" later Maine Historical Magazine 1885-1894 Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No 14, Volumes 4-8 edited by Joseph W. Porter. Picton Press, Camden Maine, p.30-31 (at top of page) and p. 1252-1253 (at bottom of page).