ROY - Erna Richard Roy (1896-1973). a Veteran of World War I, having served in France during Evacuation Number 15, was married to Mamie Inman (1899 - 1984), daughter of John and Martha Elrod Inman, in 1918. They made their home on a farm south of Mansfield until retiring to a home in Springfield.

Their three children: Eldon, served in the Army during World War II, stationed in the Panama Canal Zone; Vern Velma married Jap J. Chandler, had six children Rodney, Pat, Sheila, Connie, Richard and Phillip; and Norma married Carl Thomason.

Vern and Norma began their careers as teachers. Vern first began teaching at the age of 18, at the Hicks School in rural Douglas County. Norma's first school position was at the old St. James School in Douglas County at the age of 17. Her transportation from home to this school was on a riding horse that her grandpa"John Inman" had broke to ride just for her. He was noted for breaking 'gentle' riding horses.

Vern and Norma attended SMS in Springfield where their mother had gotten her teaching certificate when it was known as Springfield Normal

Submitted by Opal Inman Williams