INMAN - While other members of his family had moved to Wright County by 1892, John Perry Inman (1870-1959) was proving up on a homestead of a section of land in western Kansas. For the sum of $18, the fee and compensation to register his claim, he became a "homesteader" after years of riding the range and making cattle drives.

It was required of the homestead settler that "he shall reside upon and cultivate the land embraced in his homestead entry, for a period of five years from the time of the affidavit, being also the date of entry. An abandonment of the land for more than six months works a forfeiture of the claim. Further, within two years from the expiration of the said five years he must file proof of his actual settlement and cultivation, failing to do which his entry will be cancelled. If the settler does not wish to remain five years on his tract, he can, at any time after 14 months, pay for it with cash or land warrants, upon making proof of settlement and cultivation from date of filing affidavit to the time of payment".

John made the improvements on his homestead, then decided to sell out and follow his parents, brother and sisters to the Ozarks in the mid-1890s. He made the trip riding a horse and bringing a herd of horses that he had broken to ride and to be farm horses. The first of the last three nights on the road was spent in the Springfield stockyards. The next night a farmer between Fordland and Rogersville let him use his corral. The last night, he made a rope corral and stayed near water by Cedar Gap. The last day on the road brought him to his parents' farm south of Norwood.

The horses were easily sold and John bought land, first in Douglas County, then in 1901, he bought the family farm in Section 35, Clark Township, Wright County.

John was married to Martha Magdalene Elrod (1879-1953) on Jan. 11, 1897, at Norwood. Their children: Elva (1897-1975); Mamie (1899-1984); Ollie (1901-1903); Orval (1903-1991); and Jennie (1912).

Elva married Loren Nix in California in 1920. Their children were Dean and Fonilla. Her second husband was John Tuohy, and their son is Wiley IEdward.

Mamie married Erna Roy, a WW I veteran, at Mansfield. Their children: Eldon, a soldier in WW II serving in the Panama Canal Zone. Vern who married Jap J. Chandler, and had children: Rodney, Pat, Sheila, Connie, Richard Coday, and Phillip Chandler. Norma married Carl Thomason, and they live in Wichita, KS.

Orval married Velma Jones, daughter of Frank and Audrey Moshier Jones. Their children: a son who died at birth; Opal, Roy Kenneth, Barbara, John and Ronnie.

Jennie married Frank Baronick. Her daughter was Betty Jean.

John Perry Inman was born Sept. 6,1870, in Miami County. Kansas. He and Martha are buried in Thomas Cemetery.

Submitted by Opal Inman Wil liams