YOCUM - Edward Wilson Yocum was born Sept.14, 1856 in New Philadelphia, IL the first child of Johnathan (1803 Indiana) and Martha Chew Yocum (1816 Ohio). Edward Wilson Yocum, known as E.W., had eight brothers and sisters: William, Job, Frank, Henrietta, Lyda, Rachel and Mira.

Sarah Margaret Long, born June 27, 1859 in Bynumville, MO was the daughter ofWilliam Colburn
Long (1827 Snow Mt. Maryland) and Matilda Beard (1828 Knoxville, T'N). Sarah had three sisters: Nellie, Alice, and another sister, name unknown.

Rev. E.W. Yocum and Sarah Margaret Long became husband and wife Nov. 4. 1877 in Bynumville, MO. In the fall of 1878 they moved to Nelson, KS. The spring of 1880 they moved once again to Cornell, KS. By covered wagon in the fall of 1882 they made the long journey to Rostia, CO. Yet another move was made by the Reverend and Sarah back to Cornell, KS (this time by train). Finally, they took a homestead just over the Kansas-Nebraska line in Hitchcock County, Nebraska. Ten children were born to the Yocums (three died in infancy). All of the children were born in Nebraska except for one (Susan). Susan Gertrude (1882 - 19??) married Vern Hedrick in 1902 and had four children: Beulah, Margarette, Lowell and Veta. Harry Alfred (1884 - 1972) was the second child of E.W. and Sarah. He married Mable Richardson in 1906 and had several children: Howard, Frankie, Edwin, Marvin, Dorothy, Vera, and Irene. Nellie L. (l888 - 1965) was the next child of E.W.and Sarah. She married John Inman in 1912 and they had one son, Lewis. Next, Marvin W.  (1889 - 1962) married Oda Long in 1916. Marvin and Oda had three children: Woodrow, Louise McGowan, and Margaret Smith. Erwin E. (1891 - 1967) married Eldora Reberry in 1916 and had two children: Betty Goodson and Nan Feese. Maurice C. (1893 - 1971) married Bessie Odle in 1920 and had five children: Lucille Robinett, Wayne, Dorothy Hardin, Jim, Margaret Kelly, and Shirley.

In 1896 E.W. entered the ministry of the Christian Church. He preached in revivals all over the state of Missouri. Over 1000 converts, including all of his children, were baptized by Preacher Yocum. He helped to organize Fairview Church northwest of Mt. Grove and performed many wedding ceremo nies in Mt. Grove and over the state of Missouri.

In the fall of 1903, Rev. E.W. and Sarah moved to Mt. Grove for three years and in 1906 they moved to Jerico Springs. MO for two years and then moved back to Mt.Grove. They lived on a farm on the old Hartville road which is now known as Highway N.

Reverend E.W. and Sarah celebrated 57 years of marriage before E.W. passed away March 10, 1936. Following his death Sarah sold her home and spent her remaining years with her children. Sarah died Nov. 4,1949 at the home of her son Marvin on his farm northwest of Mt. Grove.

Submitted by Margaret Smith