WELLS - The youngest of the five children of John and Martha Elrod Inman, Jennie Leoma (1912) grew up on the farm located in Section 35 of Clark Township, Wright County. Jennie loved playing the guitar and singing with the young people of the area and at church, but the lure of the west got to Jennie. She moved to California near where her older sister lived and there she met her first husband, Frank Baronick, U.S. Navy, serving on the USS Texas.

Affer Frank's discharge from the Navy they lived near Long Beach and worked in the shipyards until the end of World War II. Then they moved to Big Bear, CA where they operated a drug store until Frank's death in 1949.

In 1952, Jennie met and married George Wells, a California native son, who operated the "Iowa Beauty and Barber Shop" in Pasadena. Jennie then became the manager of the twelve-chair beauty shop while George operated the barber shop. They sold the shop in 1972 and retired. In the mid-1970s, Jennie was once again a widow as George didn't get to enjoy much of his retirement.

Jennie Leoma Inman had one daughter, Betty Jean (1930 - 1966). Betty was married to Joe Kinsey and had three children: Karen, Michael and Jenora "Jenny"(1953). Jenny Kinsey was adopted by George and Jennie Wells. Jenny married Tracy McMahon and they have two girls, Katie and Annie.

Jennie Wells lives in Verdugo, City, CA.

Submitted by Opal Inman Williams