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The oldest child of Joshua Inman, James Anderson married in 1843 Mary E. Kirby (February 20, 1825 May 25, 1917). She was the adopted daughter of Jonathan Plott and wife, Mary Edwards. She was born around Webster, N.C. and was about ten years old when adopted.

Thomas Erwin states in his Inman family history that there is a letter in the Archives in Raleigh signed by Joshua Inman which reads: “Sir Mr. W. Brown, You may give Anderson Inman lisons to marry if you please.” The letter was dated February 21, 1843 when J. Anderson was seventeen years old.

Lou seems to have been Anderson Inman's oldest child. Maggie, Mattie and Sally may not be listed in order of birth as I do not have these dates.

Lou married Joseph Mann. Their children were: Hattie; Addie; Annie; Gustie, Webster; Jack; Joseph Jr. (Jody); Johnny; Frank.

Fannie Inman, born 12-3-1847, married James Sisk, May 2, 1869. Their children were: Samuel, John, Thomas, Joseph, Laura, Lois, William, Rosetta, and Juanita.

Pingree Inman, born 1851 married Susan Franklin. The children were: Leonidas Loren (Lon); Minnie, James Anderson, David Nelson, Nora Mae, Bessie Cordelia, Celia Emmaline, Susan Earlie, Jessie Olive, Claude Carson, Lula Ethel, and Theodore Benjamin.

Ballou Inman, born 1853, married Victoria Deaver 6-26-1900. The children were: James Anderson, Elsie Mae, Theodore Bryson, Willis Ted, Jim, and Ann.

Maggie Inman, married Hix Reece 12-11-1870. They went to Texas and we know of only a meager history. One girl, however, Mary married Will Massey.

Mary Inman, born 1855, married John Pless 8-7-1879. The children were: Ida, Sallie, Gustie, Thad, Fred, John, and William.

Sally Inman married William B. Trull 12-5-1855. Their children were: Ethel, Gertrude, Brownlo, Johnny, and Otis.

Cordelia Inman born 1860, married JamesTrull. Their children were: James Jr., Joseph, Nellie, and Mary.

Mattie Inman, married Elijah Pruett. Their children were: Lora, Grace, Daisy, Maggie, Bessie, Della, Kenneth, George, Fred, and Fannie.

Ruben Inman, born 4-10-1868, married Tinna Rhodes 12-9-1888. Their children were: George, Mary E., Maggie M., John R., Lucy L., Nellie, Sam S., Frank, and Julia A.

Anderson served in the Civil War when he was between 35 and 40 years old. Later he was ordained in the Universalist Church and is said to have ministered for 43 years. See related article on Inman Chapel with picture.

I don't have his Civil War record but there are letters in the family which he wrote to his wife in July and August 1863 from Cumberland Gap, East Tennessee.

W. Clark Medford’s “Early History of Haywood County”, page 160, lists him as being in Company I, 62nd Regiment. His tombstone in the Inman family cemetery has the letters CSA below his name.

In a letter from Cumberland Gap July 29, 1863 he mentioned Logan and Joseph, his brothers, being on picket duty (on watch). In this letter he told about the food which the three of them had for a meal together.

In this same letter he mentioned being in charge of a group made up of William Massey, James Welch, Marian Stamey, William Garton and John Mason.

Mrs. Rose Pless Case
(Mrs. W.W. Case)



A close friend of the Inmans, Thomas Erwin, wrote a brief history from which I take some details. Also I have talked with Willis Ted Inman who is a son of Ballou Inman and great grandson of Joshua.

Joshua Inman, an early settler on the west fork of Pigeon River in Haywood County lived January 10, 1805 to December 30, 1872. He married March 12, 1825 Mary (Polly) Smith. She died January 24, 1880. They are buried in BethelCemetery. We are not sure who their parents were nor place of birth.

There is a deed to Joshua Inman recorded in Book C, page 220 dated March 8, 1826 from John Blount for 100 acres for two hundred dollars. This tract was on Ned’s Branch which is now known as Inman Branch.

Robert Love on January 12, 1859 sold Joshua 100 acres on Flora’s Branch for one hundred dollars. This includes land known as the Erwin place and is owned by Troy Inman and others.

Children were, in order of birth, between 1826 and 1855: James Anderson; Daniel Logan; Mary Merinda; Joshua Ervin; William Pink (Pinkney); Lewis Hezekiah; Joseph A.; Julia Ann; and Mary Jane. Margaret born 1860 is in 1870 census.

Mr. Erwin gives the following account of how the Civil War affected this family. “The dreaded Civil War took a heavy toll of the family of Joshua Inman. Logan Inman enlisted in the Confederate Army May 31, 1861, and died according to Confederate records, of scurvy, 8-18-1862 with Lee’s army in Virginia. Joshua Ervin Inman, Hezekiah Inman, Pinkney Inman, and Andy Crawford all enlisted in the Confederate Army June 29, 1861. Anderson enlisted a little later but date is not known here. Hezekiah was with Lee in Virginia and witnessed the “Blow Up” at Petersburg. He nursed his brother Ervin when he was wounded until his death. He made the box for the body and dug the grave for the burial. Pinkney was killed in a skirmish on Big Stomp. His companion, John Swanger also was killed. The father, Joshua Inman, took the bodies to his home on Inman Branch and they were buried at Bethel. The date of death was about 1864. Thus we see that three sons, Longan, Pinkney, and Ervin did not survive the war. Andy Crawford, Hezekiah and Anderson lived to return home.”

James Anderson Inman married Mary E. (Polly) Kirby. Their daughter Mary Inman married John D. Pless and they are my grandparents. See separate article on Rev. James Anderson Inman.

Following information was compiled by Mr. Erwin:

Joshua Ervin Inman, date of birth is not known.He was killed in Virginia during the Civil War. He married Vilinda Swanger 9-11-1853. One child was born, named Maggie. She married Asbury Crawford and they separated. One child was born to this marriage, however, named Jane. She married Jim Reece, and their children were Claude, Violet, Howard, Dorothy, Lawrence, and Florence Ora.

Logan Inman, date of birth not known, but died in Civil War 8-18-1862. We do not know wife’s name but his children were Bill Inman, Mark Inman and Pinkney Inman. Bill Inman married Louisa Davis 4-15-1869. Several children were born as follows: Ed, James, Harvey, Charlie, Taylor and Merrimon. Lillie, a daughter.

Hezekiah Inman (L.H. Inman). He was born 291841 and died 2-8-1908. He married Martha Franklin April 30, 1858. Their children were Elizabeth, William (Bud), Margaret (Babe), Joshua, Mattie (Shug), Andrew. Elizabeth married James Justice and they went west. William (Bud) married Eva Davis and their children were Richard, Rosa, married Dave Rogers, Baxter, married Maggie Inman, Jean married Francis Goodson, Althea married Ben Davis. Margaret (Babe) married Jerry Massey. Joshua married Nancy Ann Warren, Mattie, (Shug) married Bill Warren. Andrew married Ellen Moffit and another daughter not mentioned above was Louisa who married John Davis.

Pinkney Inman. Nothing is known of him except he and John Swanger were killed on Big Stomp in Civil War.

Mirinda Inman. Date of birth or death is not known. She married Andy Crawford. Two daughters were born. Betty and Mary. Betty married Jim Warren and several children were born. Mary married Jim Guy. No children were born. However they raised Jack Guy. It seems that Mirinda married Andy Crawford 2-25-1855.

Julia Inman married Scott Davis 12-23-1867. The children were Tom Davis, and Joe Davis.

According to the 1870 census, Joshua and wife Mary were both born in South Carolina.

Rose Pless Case
(Mrs. W.W. Case)

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