Ezekiel Inman, forerunner of the Inman Family of Dent County, Mo., was born June 16 1796, probably in Tennessee. He was married in Williamson County, Tennessee, on Feb. 24, 1816 to Miss Lillis Edgar who was born May 21, 1798 in South Carolina. Her mother's first name was Mary. The children were probably all born in the Williamson-Davidson Counties, Tennessee area. The children were:

By 1839 the family had moved to Missouri, settling first in Pulaski County where they are found in the 1840 Census. They did not stay there long as they are found in the part of Crawford County that became Dent County by 1842. Both Ezekiel and Lillis(Edgar) Inman died in Dent County, Mo., he on April 22, 1862 and she on August 5, 1873. Both are buried in Wofford Cemetery, Pilot Grove, Dent County.


John E. Inman, a lifelong resident of Dent County? was born July 15, 1880 in the Round Pond community. He was the son of Ephram Inman, who was the son of Andrew Jackson Inman. Ephram was married to Eveline Welch and they had 8 children:

John E. Inman lived all of his married life at the L. L. Ackerman farm near Dry Fork Baptist Church, Jack, Missouri. At one time the farm was one of the finest farms around Dry Fork, having over 1,000 acres, and is now owned by his son, Joe, where he lives. The children were all born on the farm and had the same doctor, Dr. Thomas Hunt, father of Dr. Lloyd Hunt, and Dr. Lloyd's wife, Ruth, was their school teacher at Dry Fork.

Donald married Elizabeth Fox, daughter of Marvin Fox of the Mt. Herman community and they had 8 children:

Pauline married Donald Pewitt and they had 2 children, Donnie Joe and Charlene, Donnie Joe died July 22, 1962 at the age of 23. Virginia (Nelson) Inman died June 10, 1936 at the age of 52. John Inman married Ethel Lula Hubbs who died in 1965. John then moved to his daughter's Pauline, where he spent his last days.


George Inman Sr. was born August 1, 1851 died June 17, 1936. Mary Elizabeth Hoodenpyle born February 5, 1860 died September 9, 1941. They were married February 28, 1893 and later had three sons: George Jr., Gentry, and Sanford. Also to this union were born two daughters, Ruth Putman and Jessie Finch. Ruth was born December 11, 1893 and married Cliffton Putman. They have been married 63 years on February 3, 1978. They have four daughters, Geraldine Hawkins, Emma Putman, Muriel Croft and Patricia Maledy. The Putmans bought the large house owned by Mrs. Emma Sankey in Salem. They operated a boarding house for 40 years.

Geraldine, the oldest daughter, was born on December 12, 1915. She worked as bookkeeper at Ely Walker Garment factory for 12 years in Salem. She married Irvin Hawkins of Rolla, He graduated from U.M.R. and has worked at U.S.G.S. the past 32 years. They have one daughter Charlotte who married Dennis Scholl of Kansas City. They live in St. Louis and have son Mark.

Emma was born July 8, 1918 and works in First National Bank of Salem.

Muriel was born February 6, 1921. She married Max Croft who graduated from Washington University in St. Louis. They moved to Lancaster, California and have one daughter Sandra and one son Douglas who lives in Lancaster, California.

Patricia was born September 23. 1925 and married Robert Maledy. They own and operated Maledy Motors for the past 20 years. They have two sons, Charles and John who are in business with their father.

George Inman, Jr. was born October 29, 1895 and died June 20, 1967. He married Thelma Reddick and they had 4 daughters. George bought the old home place and lived there until his health failed and they moved to Salem. Their children are:

Jessie was born May 20, 1900 and married David Finch, Sr. on November 2, 1921. They have 1 one son David, Jr. who was born on April 8, 1928. They lived on the old Finch homestead near Anutt for 20 years. David Jr. married Lucy Donnan and they have 3 children David III, Jonathan and Lucy Elizabeth. David Sr. passed away October 29, 1959.

Gentry was born in 1897 and died in 1900.

Sanford, born Jan. 2, 1902, died June 1, 1970, married Gladys Davis. They owned the old Bressie farm where the first store in Dent County was built, 3 miles north of Salem. Their children are:


Levi Inman was born January 27, 1857 near Anutt (originally Victor, Missouri), son of William and Jane Welch Inman. Levi's grandparents were Ezekiel and Lillis Edgar Inman. On June 6, 1876, he married Sarah Jane Herod of the same community, daughter of Carol and Matilda Callahan Herod. Levi was a farmer and carpenter. Sarah Jane sold books in the western half of Dent County when a young girl.

Levi and Sarah Jane had eleven children:

The Inmans had two other children who died at a young age. Levi Inman died March 6, 1922 and Mrs. Levi Inman who was born November 4, 1856, died June, 1940. They were both members of the Round Pond Church and are buried in the Round Pond Cemetery.

Written by Frank Rhinehart.

(Clara (Mrs. Morgan Plank) is mentioned twice, both times she is listed buried in different locations, OK and MO.)

Found Clara Mae Inman daughter of Levi and Sarah Jane Herod Inman, she was born 29 Nov 1883 and died 20 Jan 1949 in St. Louis, MO. She and her husband are both buried in Round Pond Cemetery on the west side of Dent Co., MO. Morgan Christian Plank was born 19 Oct 1881 in Dent Co., MO and died 28 Apr 1945, their children are: