Elwyn was born in Plymouth, New York. He was a tall man, at least 6’3". We don’t know how or why he ended up in Scotland, CT. He met and married Ellen Bass here. They moved to Norwich, NY for awhile, but when their first son, Jesse, took sick, they returned to Scotland. We assume they did this so that Ellen could be near her own mother. Their second son, Egbert Sr., was born in May 23, 1896. Ellen died a month later on June 26, 1896 from "perepheral fever". Aunt Harriet would always say this. We’re not real sure of the proper term, but it was childbirth fever, nonetheless. Aunt Harriet would also say that the doctors would just come in from the fields to help with childbirth. On May 4, 1987 Jesse died from scarlet fever.

In his grief over the loss of his wife and first son, Elwyn turned the care of Egbert over to his neighbors, the Bacons, and headed west to strike it rich in the Colorado gold mines. He had gone to school for drafting, so he may have worked as a draftsman as well as a prospector out in Colorado.

He returned to Scotland after not too long a time and opened a creamery. It was located next to where the Grange Hall is now, in Scotland, CT. His son Egbert would work on Saturdays, all day long, driving the delivery wagon from Scotland to Norwich & Willimantic, delivering cream and butter.

Elwyn courted and married Jessie Almira Haskins from Rte 97 in Scotland. The farm is still there and now belongs to John Miller.

Elwyn moved to Mansfield and lived over the Barnum Barrows Store (it’s still there, on Rte 195) and worked as a custodian for UCONN. He was an active member of the Mansfield Congregational Church. At vesper services on Sunday nights, it was Elwyn’s job to ring the bell. His grandson Bert helped him one time, grabbed the rope, pulled, and was himself pulled clear to the ceiling. Bert got scared, let go, and flew full force down to the floor.

When Egbert Bass Inman was born in 1896, Elwyn is recorded as working as an insurance agent. He was 32 years old, Ellen was 29 years old. By 1903, when Jesse Elwyn Inman was born, Elwyn is working as a butter maker.

Scotland, CT land records contains 4 entries for the following piece of land. 1) 7 Sep 1906, Mowry gets $1 from Elwyn. 2) 28 Sep 1906, Elwyn mortgages the land for $700 to Sarah. 3) 5 May 1908, Elwyn released from above mortgage. 4) 30 Sep 1909, Elwyn sells the piece to Moffit for $1. The land was "two certain tracts or parcels of land with the buildings thereon, situated in said Scotland, bounded and described as follows, to wit. - The first piece with house and other buildings thereon is bounded Easterly by highway leading from Scotland Green to Norwich, and lands of the Scotland Dairy Company and of the First Universalist Society [now the Grange 1999] of Scotland, Northerly by land of said Dairy Co. and of William Tucker, Southerly by land of Lewis W. Hopkins, the line running north of Hewitt lot (so called), and westerly by Merricke Brook and the Mill Pond, and contains about seven acres"

. The second piece is on the highway leading northerly from Scotland Green to Moffitt's Saw Mill and is bounded as follows, to wit. "Commencing at a heap of stones at the Northwesterly corner of land of D. F. Fullers, thence northerly by said Highway to land of Caleb Anthony and to a heap of stones, thence easterly by said Anthony's land to a heap of stones in the West line of Jonathan Anthony's land, thence Southerly by said Jonathan Anthony's land to land of said Fuller's heirs thence westerly by said Fuller's heirs land to place of beginning, containing about eight acres: both being the same premises conveyed to this grantor by Lewis W. Hopkins by deed dated Sept. 30 1904 and recorded in Scotland land Records Vol 3, Page 245". 7 Sep 1906. Charles S. Mowry.

Mansfield Town Hall, various entries for this piece of land. Book 53, p. 273, dated 27 May 1913, Elwyn B. Inman and Jessie A. Inman purchase from John Jacobson, for $1: two certain tracts or parcels of land with all buildings thereon standing situated in the Town of Mansfield, County of Tolland and State of Connecticut.

First tract is situated on the road from Mansfield Center to Mansfield Hollow ...containing sixteen acres be the same more or less.

Second tract is woodland...containing five acres be the same more or less.

The same land deed to this grantor by deed of Lucinda E. Farnham and James E. Farnham, dated 11 Jan 1907 (Vol 41, p. 342) and by deed of Mary M. Little to this grantor, dated 26 Mar 1908 (Vol 41, p. 407) for a more particular description. This property carries mortgages in the amount of $900 to Marion Storrs with interest from January 22nd 1913 with interest at 5% per annum payable semi-annually.

Elwyn and Jessie in turn mortgage this same proerty on 27 May 1913 to Susan M. Sweet for $600.

Elwyn Brewer Inman's death certificate: He died 10 Feb 1949 of uremic coma, myocarditis, and nephritis, at the age of 86 years, 1 month, 27 days. J.A. Girouard, M.D. Potter's Funeral Home (have copy of record), Russell W. Potter.

Obituarie: Elwyn B. Inman.
    Elwyn Brewer Inman, 86, died early Thursday at his home in Mansfield Center. Funeral services will be held at the First Church of Christ here Saturday at 2 p.m. Rev. Willard E. Thomen is to officiate and burial will be in the Mansfield Center Cemetery.
    A native of Plymouth, N.Y., he leaves his wife, Mrs. Jessie Inman; two sons, Egbert B. Inman of Manchester and Jesse E. Inman of Mansfield Center; four grandchildren; two great grandchildren; a brother, Clayton Inman of Plymouth, N.Y.; a sister, Mrs. Marcus Smith of Springfield, Mass., and several nieces and nephews.
    For many years, he was a butter and cheese manufacturer and on locating in Mansfield entered the employ of the Kirby Manufacturing Company as a machinist. For 12 years prior to his retirement in 1941 he was employed at the University of Connecticut.
    Besides holding membership in the First Church of Christ, he was affiliated with Echo Grange and the state and Pomona Granges and Harmony Chapter, RAM, of Norwich, N.Y. He was a member for 57 years of Norwich, N.Y., Lodge, AF and AM, and in March 1941, received a 50-year membership pin from that body. He also belonged to Olive Branch Council, R and SM, of this city.

Also from 2nd obituary:
    In the passing of Elwyn B. Inman of Mansfield, the community has lost one of its most admired and respected citizens. However Scotland too recalls the friendliness, service and talent which Mr. Inman gave to the community during his long residence here, leaving in 1913 for Mansfield.
    While in Scotland Mr. Inman was a devout member of the church, grange and gave of his talent and service to the limit. He was a manager of the creamery for many years. Mrs. Inman who was Jessie Haskins of Scotland, will always be remembered and still holds strong friendship ties with those whom she was in contact with while a part of Scotland community. Ellen: Per the entry in Scotland Vitals Index 1, Ellen Bass died at the age of 29 years, 5 months, and 24 days of acute rheumatism and cerebral hemorrahage, F. E. Guild, M.D.