The Ancestry of Coppock & Coate

I was given this scroll by my grandma, Edith Jane Inman Dutt Garrett, on my 15th birthday. Edie Rodriguez -

Eli Inman b. 1-20-1794 - d. 1-9-1877.
    First marriage to Jane Coppock b. 11-20-1802 d. 6-8-1836.
        Children of this marriage as follows:
    Benjamin b. 9-25-1822.

Marriage of these children
    Benjamin Inman married Sarah McConnell
    Drucy I. married Henry Hall.
    Susie I. married John Coppock.
        second marriage (later on)

Children of Benjamin Inman and Sarah McConnell

Children of Drucy Inman and Henry Hall

Children of Susie Inman and John Coppock
    a boy and a girl (names unknown)

Second marriage of Eli Inman b. 1-20-1794 d. 1-9-1877 was to Elizabeth Rudy (daughter of Samuel Rudy & Matilda Coppock)
Children of this marriage as follows:
    Levi Inman b. 3-13-1832 (unknown)
    Asa Inman b. 6-14-1834 married Lucinda Kindle
    (Asa was married four times but have no record of after three marriages)
        Children of this marriage
            Robert Inman
            Elizabeth Inman
            Rachel Ann Inman
    David Inman married Phoebe Richards
        no children
    Rebecca Inman - daughter of Eli Inman & Elizabeth Rudy - first marriage to Isaac Hunt
        Children of this marriage
            Elizabeth Hunt
            Ike Hunt
    Rebecca Inman Hunt second marriage to Hiram Blunden
        Children of this marriage
            Minerva Blunden
            Ike T. Blunden
            Alvin Blunden
    Samuel Inman - son of Eli Inman & Elizabeth Rudy - married first to Rose Jordan
        no children
    Samuel Inman second marriage to Samantha Darner
        Children of this marriage
            John Inman
            Etta Inman
            Aaron Inman
            Alice Inman
            Phoebe Inman
            Frank Inman
    William Inman - son of Eli & Elizabeth Rude - married to Rachel Jane Leavell b. 3-20-1847
        Children of this marriage (2-13-1864)
            Mary Caroline b. 12-16-1864 d. 1-12-1865
            Martha Elizabeth b. 11-16-1865 d. 11-26-1865
            William Walter b. 2-12-1868 d. 6-15-1908
            Warren Perry b. 12-24-1869 d. 10-9-1913
            Annie Laura b. 2-13-1876 d. 3-8-1899
            Benjamin Franklin b. 4-6-1878 d. 2-19-1918
            Clara Bell b. 2-18-1882 d. 2-24-1908
            Mabel Pearl b. 7-9-1887
            Ulysses Arthur b. 2-5-1890
        Marriages of these children
            Mary Caroline did not live
            Martha Elizabeth Inman married Tom McCurdy 10-12-1884
            William Walter Inman married forst to Lena Gardner 2-13-1890
                second marriage to Mattie Smith (date unknown)
            Warren Perry Inman married Elizabeth Cole 3-11-1896
            Annie Laura Inman married Marion St. Clair 10-3-1895
            Benjamin F. Inman married Dollie Brasier 9-7-1898
            Clara Bell Inman married Ralph Gibbs 9-28-1902
            Mabel Pearl Inman married Wallace Phillips 11-22-1905
            Ulysses Arthur Inman married Margaret J. Needham 2-5-1912
                Children of Martha Elizabeth & Tom McCurdy
                    Maud McCurdy
                    Alta Alta McCurdy
                    Murel McCurdy
                Children of William Walter Inman & Lena Gardner
                    Millie May Inman
                    Earl Inman
                Children of William Walter Inman & Mattie Smith
                    Luella Inman
                    Mabel Inman
                    Cleo Inman
                Children of Warren Perry Inamn & Elizabeth Cole
                    Le Roy Inman
                    Marguerite Inman
                    Ivy Inman
                Children of Annie Laura Inman & Marion St. Clair
                Children of Benjamin F. Inman & Dollie Brasier
                    Wilbur Inman
                    / Idabelle Inman
                    | twins
                    \ a boy name unknown
                Children of Clara Bell Inman & Ralph Gibbs
                    Walter Claude Gibbs
                    Homer Gibbs b. 10-23-1907
                Children of Mabel Pearl Inman & Wallace Phillips
                    Grace Rowena Phillips b. 9-24-1906
                    Helen Bernice Phillips b. 4-22-1908
                    Frank Hollingsworth Phillips b. 2-16-1910
                    Mildred Jane Phillips b. 2-27-1920
                Children of Ulysses A. Inman & Margaret J. Needham
                    Ruby Ione Inman b. 10-29-1913
                    Ruth Iola Inman b. 5-21-1915
                    Edith June Inman b. 6-12-1916
                    William James Inman b. 3-6-1919
                    Margaret Eleanor Inman b. 3-7-1921 d. 3-12-21
    John Inman - son of eli Inman & Elizabeth Rudy - b. 3-1-1846 d. 8-20-1849
    Fannie Inman - daughter of Eli Inman & Elizabeth Rudy - first marriage to Jim Hanks
    Fannie Inman - daughter of Eli Inman & Elizabeth Rudy - 2nd marriage to Pete Brown
    Fannie Inman - daughter of Eli Inman & Elizabeth Rudy - 3rd marriage to McPeters
    Fannie Inman - daughter of Eli Inman & Elizabeth Rudy - 4th marriage to Andy Robinson
    Fannie Inman - daughter of Eli Inman & Elizabeth Rudy - 5th marriage to Jim Hanks
        Children of Fannie Inman & Jim Hanks
            Mary Jane Hanks
            Noah Hanks
            Elizabeth Hanks
            Fred Hanks
    Eli Inman - son of Eli & Elizabeth Rudy - b. 5-15-1852
        First marriage to Sarah Davis
        Second marriage to Ida McCool
            Children of first marriage
            Children of second marriage
                Robert Inman
                Ivy Inman
                Susie Inman
    Aaron Inman - son of Eli Inman & elizabeth Rudy - b. 11-28-1857 married Hannah Hadley
        Children of this marriage
            Eleitha Inman
            Juerny Inman

            Eleitha Inman married John Winn
                Children of this marriage
                    ______ child name unknown
                    ______ Inman did not live