Route 8--Box B-326
Springfield, Missouri 65804
May 15, 1971


I am Mrs. Christine Vivian Wasson Inman, and I was born June 27, 1885 in Christian County, near Ozark, Missouri. My mother was Ella Jane Wallace Wasson, and she was born in Greene County, Mo. on May 22, 1864. She died in Christian County, Mo. on December 30, 1926. My father was John Calvin Wasson, and he was born in Stone County, Mo. on January 18, 1859. He died in Christian County, Mo. on July 26, 1942. My parents were married on March 15, 1883.

I taught school four years prior to my marriage to William Neal Inman who was born December 12, 1882 in Nixa, Mo.; and he died in the same community on October 22, 1964. We were married on May 1, 1908 and moved to Nara Visa, New Mexico where my husband homesteaded a small tract of land. We were blessed with two fine children:

1. ELLA MAE INMAN was born May 8, 1909 in Nara Visa, N. M. She married Paul Steinert on April 18, 1931. He was born on August 24, 1910. I am temporarily residing with Ella Mae and Paul at their home on Route 8, Springfield, Mo. I still own my home in Nixa, Mo., and I did all my own house work and was very active until I fractured a hip in Oct., 1969. I get around quite well with a walker and can take care of myself. It was difficult for me to consent to NOT renew my drivers license when I was 84 years young as I enjoyed driving my car wherever I wished. My children urged me to give up my car in 1969. Ella Mae and Paul Steinert have two sons:

2. Our second child was JOSEPH PAUL INMAN who was born Sept. 24, 1915 at Richland, Mo. He married Ola Mae Hannah on Aug. 18, 1934 at Ozark, Mo. She was born Oct. 25, 1915 at Ozark, Mo. They live at Nixa, Mo., and he is a retired operator with Texas Oil Company. They had one child:

My husband, William Neal Inman, was the youngest of nine children born to their parents, Nicholas Alexander Inman (born December 17, 1831 in Monroe County, Tennessee and died at Nixa, Mo. on February 5, 1901) and Mary Jane Roberts Inman (born January 21, 1842 in Macon County, Mo. and died at Nixa, Mo. on February 11, 1893). Nicholas A. Inman and Mary Jane Roberts were married on March 5, 1863 at Ozark Missouri. Their children's names and birthdates were as follows:

William N. Inman's paternal grandparents were David Inman (born September 25, 1796 and died August 6, 1892 in the Nixa, Mo. community) and Elizabeth Karns Inman (born October 6, 1809 and died September 19, 1893 near Nixa, Mo.) They were buried in the Payne Cemetery in the family lot with their son, Nicholas A. Inman and wife, Mary Jane Roberts Inman, and other relatives.

William N. Inman's maternal grandparents were the Rev. Joseph Porter Roberts (born July 5, 1820 near Cookeville, Jackson County, Tennessee and died at his farm home in Pea Ridge Arkansas on June 4, 1887) and Celia Rippetoe Roberts (born November 14, 1820 near Cookeville, Jackson County, Tennessee and died at her home in Pea Ridge, Arkansas on October 15, 1897), They were married in Jackson County, Tennessee in 1840, and they moved to Macon County, Missouri in the spring of 1841 by wagon caravan with Roberts and Chaffin relatives.

My husband, Will, was a young lad of nearly eleven years of age when his mother passed away, and his eldest sister, Martha Ann, was a "second mother" to him. She was particularly close to him as well as other brothers and sisters. Martha Ann was married to Robert Huston on July 6, 1901 at Ozark, Missouri. He was born August 15, 1876 near Nashville, Tennessee and died in Caldwell, Idaho on October 23, l964. Robert Huston was the son of Levi Huston and Mary Seward Huston of Tennessee who later moved to Taney County, Missouri.

My sister-in-law, Martha Ann Inman Huston, was born in Nixa, Missouri on January 6, 1864 and died at Everton, Missouri on April 15, 1925. To the union of Martha Ann Inman Huston and husband, Robert Huston, was born one child, a daughter, Tressie Jane Huston, at Nixa, Missouri on September 28, 1904. She married D. Everett Thomas on May 2, 1926 at Galena, Missouri. He was born near Everton, Lawrence County, Missouri on January 18, 1905. Our niece Tressie Jane Huston Thomas is a retired school teacher, and D. Everett is associated with the University of Missouri in St. Louis, Missouri. They reside at 134 Huntleigh Drive, St. Louis, Mo. 63122.

The genealogy given in this account is correct to the best of my knowledge.

State of Missouri
County of Christian SS                                     CHRISTINE WASSON INMAN
My commission expires
Jan. 9, 1972                                                NOTARY PUBLIC --AUSTIN DUNHAM

Submitted by Fred Inman