CAUDLE - Ellis Newton Caudle (1865-1944) was the second child of Ellis and Rebecca Hutchins Caudle. He came to Missouri from North Carolina between 1867 and 1869 with his parents. In 1885 he was married to Mary Isabelle Tuebner(1869-1956), daughter of David and Elizabeth Beaman Teubner. Ellis and Isabelle moved from the Norwood area to Montgomery Township in the early 1900s. Ellis was a hard worker and ran a small farm but he is probably best remembered for running a threshing machine and a sawmill. Isabelle in her later years loved to piece quilts and gave many quilts away to children and grandchildren.

Ellis and Isabelle were the parents of eleven children:

  1. Rebecca Jane (1885-1983) married Robert E. Kincheloe.

  2. David Ellis "Dee" (1888-1937) married Rebecca "Fannie" Bennett. They.had twelve children: Retha (1908); William E. (1911): Reba: Redith (1915): Cledith (1917); Ernest (1919); Geneva (1921); Dean (1923); Everett (1926); Loretta (1929): Tom (1931) and Delta (1933). David is buried in Thomas Cemetery with his grandparents.

  3. William Amos (1889-1965) married Nora Minas in 1920, had three children: Vernon,  Dorothy Shawley and Lorane. Amos and Nora are buried in the Crossroad Cemetery in Laclede County.

  4. Lilly May (1892-1980) married in 1912 to Lynn Inman, five children: Daisy Pearl (1913), Theodore N. (1914). Susie June (1921), two children James (1924) and Ramond (1926) died as infants. May and Lynn are buried in the Mount Rose Cemetery in Lebanon.

  5. Mary Ella (1893-1958) married to Henry Crisp had six children: Ernest (1912-1987), Archie, Velous Irvin, Edna Lynch and Carl. One daughter died young. Henry and Ella are buried in the City Cemetery in Lebanon.

  6. Finis Sylvester (1896-1958) married Ethel Sumner, seven children: Cleo, Wilma, Marjorie, Finis, Jr., Paris Wayne, Phillip and Janice. Finis is buried in the New Home Cemetery in Wright County.

  7. Lawrence Abraham (1898-1918) never married.

  8. Leslie Walker (1900-1969) married Essie Chisam from Wyoming, nine children: Mable, Thelma, Dorothy, Glynn, Evelyn, Luella, Claudia, Melvin and George.

  9. Burness Edward (1902-1989) married in 1924 to Ada Bell Lindsay, four children: Darrell Eugene (1925-1982), Albert Kenneth (1928). Edward Donald (1935) and Wanda Ilene (1936). Burness and Darrell are buried in Mt. Rose Cemetery, Lebanon.

  10. Bert John (1906-1988) married in 1929 to Eunis Kimble, six children: Mildred, Wanda,. Florence, Roberta, Katherine and James.

  11. Jesse Bryan (1908) married Hazel Kimble, eight children: Robert, Alice Isabelle, Ruby, Lowell, Betty Lou, Billy, Barbara and Nancy.

Leslie, Burt and Jesse moved to the west and raised their families. Ellis and Isabelle lived to see many changes in their married life. In the late 1900s they traveled with their family to Oklahoma in a covered wagon. The story has been told that the trip was made to homestead land that was opened up by the government. They returned soon after, so the trip surely was not a success. Ellis, Isabelle and Lawrence are buried in the Kincheloe Cemetery.

Submitted by Loema Perry