Three Inman brothers, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego left their home in England and came to America prior to the Revolution. They were first in Virginia. Later they moved to North Carolina and Tennessee. These brothers joined Daniel Boone to explore the country west of the Cumberland Mountains. Indians killed Meshach, wounded Shadrach with a spear and wounded Abednego in the forehead with a tomahawk. He lived in the hollow of a tree without food for nine days. OVER THE MISTY BLUE HILLS by Ruth Webb O'Dill.

Abednego Inman was born July 1, 1752 in England and died February 2, 1831 in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee. He is buried at the Old cemetery next to the courthouse. He served in Indian and border warfare. During the Revolution he was a soldier and a patriot. His service was in North Carolina and Georgia. He was one of the soldiers from Watauga and Holston Settlements against the British. He served under Sevier and was wounded at Kings Mountain. He married Mary Richie. She was born November 16, 1757 and died June 23, 1836. The children of Abednego and Mary were:

William was born September 28, 1779 and married Eleanor Wilson; Hannah was born May 2, 1782 and married 1./Daniel Wilson 2./Jacob Seahorn; Jean was born April 5, 1784 and married Lee Roy Taylor; Ezekeil was born May 19, 1786 and married Matilda Taylor; John was born July 5, 1788: Benjamin was born August 25, 1790 and married Dorcus Doughtery (Doghtery). This couple moved to Walker County, Georgia prior to 1840; Shadrach was born February 17, 1793 and married Sarah Keys Henderson; Mary was born February 12, 1795 and married John Baer; Annia W. was born February 16, 1797 and married Joel Cowan; Susannah was born July 13, 1800; Margaret was born March 9, 1805 and married Jonathan Wood. Mrs. Maurice Morgan.


Benjamin Inman was the sixth child of Abednego Inman and Mary Richie. He was born August 25, 1790 and married Dorcus Doughtery (Doherty) July 23, 1812 in Jefferson County,Tennessee. She was the daughter of Capt. George Doughtery and Priscilla Goforth. Capt. Doughtery was born January 18, 1749 in Augusta County, Virginia. He served in the American Revolution in Virginia, North Carolina and in the battle of King's Mountain under Colonel John Sevier.

Benjamin and Dorcus moved to Georgia prior to 1836 as their youngest son George was born in Georgia. Between that time and 1840 Benjamin died, probably in Walker County as his widow is listed there in 1840. All the children of Benjamin and Dorcus are not known and there will be many gaps in this history of their children:

Priscilla was born c. 1814 in Tennessee and married Ellington Price; John born about 1816 died in March 1850. He went to Texas in 1849. He is listed on the 1850 mortality census of Walker County, Georgia. The children on the 1850 Census of Walker County with his mother Dorcus are probably his children. “June 21, 1900 Mrs. Nancy Turner of Memphis... visit her Aunt and Uncle Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Inman. She is the dau. of John Inman formerly of Walker County and went west in 1849.”; (?) D. N. married in Chattooga County, Georgia, Martha A. Doherty; Mary “April 29, 1897 G. W. Inman, Esquire hopes to visit...his sister Mary in Tom Green County, Texas. She and her husband Christopher Hartwell went west in 1848.”; Wm. H. D. was born July 20, 1922 in Tennessee. He married Caroline Long February 27, 1840 in Chattooga County, Georgia. Caroline was born March 4, 1840. Their children were: Margaret Emily C. married John Taylor; Sarah A F married Andrew L Barry; Wm. H D and Mary E. Florence. “March 30, 1893 Mrs. Salley Barry, a daughter of Caroline Inman, and niece of George Inman, Esquire died.” “April 6, 1899 Miss Adeline Long, last of Long family, died . . . estate will be administered by grandnieces and nephews, the grandchildren of Mrs. Caroline Long Inman.”; George W. Inman (Squire) was born 1836 in Georgia and married Samira Lazenby. He died May 19, 1906.

(quotations are abstracts from the WALKER COUNTY MESSENGER LaFayette, Walker County, Georgia) Mrs. Maurice Morgan and Jeane Parker.

(Source Unknown, many spellings are incorrect)