Bazaleel INMAN, Parkman, Geauga County, OH

    "The farm lying south of that of James Donaldson was settled in 1816
by Bazaleel Inman, brother-in-law of that the DONALDSONS (James &
Samuel).  After his death, it was owned by his son, Henry, who built
a frame house, to take the place of the log one.  In 1860, he sold
the farm to Joseph B. CROSS, who has owned it since that time.
    Powers INMAN, son of Bazaleel, purchased the northern part of the lot
lying east of that of his father, in 1829.  It was afterwards owned
by Hiram MOORE, oldest son of Nathaniel MOORE."  (Taken from PIONEER
County Historical Society, 1880: page 687.)
    Bazaleel INMAN, born 13 Jan 1785 in Westmoreland, PA, died before
1842.  He married in 1804, Jane DONALDSON, daughter of Andrew and
Sally (STEWART) DONALDSON, born 1788.  After the death of Bazaleel,
she married, 8 Nov 1842, Henry WHITE of Southington, Trumbull, OH. 
Jane died in August 1859, Trumbull Co., OH.
    Children born to Bazaleel and Jane INMAN:
    i. Powers INMAN, b. _____; m. 24 June 1830, Mary DURST;
1.  ii. Henry INMAN, b. _____; m. 23 Jan 1838, Margaret PORTER;
    iii. Polly INMAN, m. 30 Dec 1825, James CARBURG;
    iv. Margaret INMAN, unmarried;
2.  v. Samuel INMAN, m. 1838/9, Esther BAKER; went to Wisconsin;
    vi. Bazaleel INMAN, Jr., m. 28 Feb 1840, Minerva WOOD (page 14).

1. Henry and Margaret (PORTER) INMAN had children; (age as of 1850
Census, Parkman)
    i. Mary INMAN, ae 11 yrs;
    ii. F. S. (Male), ae 10 yrs;
    iii. Lucy A., ae 8 yrs;
    iv. John H., ae 6 yrs;
    v. Sharon, ae 4 yrs.
    (Added information taken from research done by Violet WARREN; Henry
INMAN, b. 6 Mar 1814, Beaver Co., PA; m. 23 Jan 1838, Margaret
PORTER, dau of John and Elizabeth (GLENN) PORTER, b. 16 Sept 1815,
Ft. Legioniere, Westmoreland, PA; d. 23 May 1867 at Brecksville,
Trumbull, OH.  Henry d. 3 Feb 1864, Brecksville.  He came to Parkman
in 1816.  Children:
    i. Mary, b. 5 Dec 1838, OH; m. Henry _____;
    ii. F. (or T.) (Male), b. 1840, OH;
    iii Lucy A., b. 1842, OH;
    iv. John H., b. 1844, OH;
    v. Sharon P., b. 9 May 1847, Parkman, OH.

2. Samuel and Esther (BAKER) INMAN had children: (age as of 1850
Census, Parkman)
    i. Norton INMAN, ae 11 yrs;
    ii. Almira, ae 9 yrs;
    iii. Miles, ae 7 yrs;
    iv. Albert, ae 5 yrs;
    v. Rosetta, ae 2 yrs.
From another clipping: James INMAN, Jr., married 5 July 1895, Mary
BRADEBIC, daughter of John BRADEBIC of Bohemia.  Their Children:
    i. James INMAN;
    ii. Stanley INMAN;
    iii. Evalyn INMAN (at Chester).
From 1850 Census for Southington, Trumbull, OH:
    Henry WHITE, ae 84, farmer, born Connecticut:
    Jane, ae 62, born Ireland;
    Peggy INMAN, ae 29
    Much of the foregoing information was taken from the papers sent to
Violet WARREN by member #37, Mrs. Elva SCHAUMBERG, R. R. 2, Box 11,
Watseka, IL 60970 in 1977.  Others researching the INMAN family are:
Mrs. Minnie BATES, 1121 East Carrol St., Macomb, IL 61455 and John R.
SCHUTT, P. O. Box #57822, Webster, TX.