Lieutenant James Martindell
A Partisan Soldier of the Revolution
Compiled by
William Clarence Hudson of Royal Oak, Mich., 1948
(Continued from May-June 1948)

Martha, youngest child of Samuel and Elizabeth Martindale, was born in Montgomery County, Ohio, Oct. 3, 1817. When less than twenty years of age she was married to Harrison Leavell of Miami County, by whom she had nine children. She was left a widow in the early 1850's. She then married George Coats by whom she had four children. It appears from old letters that have been preserved, that her father, shortly before his death in 1858, was much concerned in assisting his youngest daughter to procure a home for herself and her large family. In her later years Martha went to California and died in that state Mar. 18, 1915, at the ripe age of ninety-seven.

(Children of Harrison Leavell and Martha Martindale):

1. James Washington Leavell, oldest son of Martha, was born Feb. 18, 1837 and died Dec. 25, 1874. On Oct. 13, 1859 he married Mary Jane Enyeart, born Oct. 7, 1844, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Enyeart. She died Dec. 29, 1879. They had five children:

  1. Annie E. b. Sept. 23, 1862
  2. Thomas H., b. Apr. 27, 1866
  3. Ida Belle, b. Jan. 10, 1868
  4. Charles, b. Jan. 8, 1870, d. Mar. 24, 1930
  5. James Lawrence, b. Nov. 12, 1874

2. Elizabeth Caroline Leavell, b. Nov. 14, 1838, died in infancy.

3. Mary Sidney Leavell, was born Oct. 9, 1840, and married Leander Perry Bell. They had four children

  1. 1. Charles Franklin Bell
  2. 2. Martin Bell
  3. 3. Leander Perry Bell
  4. 4. Harrison Bell

4. William Henry Harrison Leavell, was born Nov. 22, 1842. His wife's name was Mary. They had no children.

5. Sarah Matilda Leavell was born Mar. 16, 1845. She married Daniel Arbuthnot. The had eight Children.

  1. Samuel Asbury Arbuthnot
  2. Rachel Jane Arbuthnot
  3. Anna Arbuthnot
  4. Elnora Arbuthnot
  5. Clara Arbuthnot
  6. Mary Arbuthnot
  7. Daniel Arbuthnot
  8. Robert Arbuthnot

6. Lydia Ann Leavell was born, one of twins, Mar. 20, 1847 and married Emory Asbury Wonderlich. They had children:

  1. Stella Wonderlich
  2. William Otto Wonderlich
  3. Anna Samantha Wonderlich

7. Rachel Jane Leavell, twin sister of Lydia Ann Leavell, was born Mar. 20, 1847 and was married Feb. 13, 1864 to William Inman who was born in Legrand, Iowa, Dec. 20, 1843. They had ten children:

  1. Mary Caroline Inman b. Dec. 16, 1864, d. inf.
  2. Martha Elizabeth (McCurdy) b. Nov. 16, 1865
  3. Walter William Inman, b. Feb. 12, 1868
  4. Warren Perry Inman b. Dec. 24, 1869
  5. Annie Laura (St. Clair) b. Feb. 13, 1876
  6. Benjamin Franklin Inman, b. Apr. 6, 1878
  7. Clara Bell (Gibbs) b. Feb. 18, 1882
  8. Castora Mable Pearl (Phillips) b. July 9, 1887
  9. Ulysses Arthur Inman b. Feb. 5, 1890
    (article only lists nine children)

8. Drucilla Rebecca Leavell, b. Sept. 4, 1849, d. inf.

9. Infant Daughter (no name) b. Nov. 2, 1851, d. inf.

10. Ranalden Lycurgus Coates (first child of Martha by her second husband was born Mar. 4, 1865. He married Ida Woodward.

11. Sanford Irving Coats, born Dec. 26, 1857, d. inf.

12. Alvin Esta Coats, born Mar. 31, 1860. He married Jennie Waymire.

13. Samantha Bell Coats, b. June 10, 1862, d. infancy.

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Martha Martindale, who married Harrison Leavell was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Martindale. They had children Samuel Martindale Jr.; Henry Wilson Martindale; Jesse Martindale; Mary Jane Martindale; John Campbell Martindale; Lavina Ellen Martindale; Emma Elizabeth Martindale; Rebecca Caroline Martindale; William Martindale; Eudorus Jacob Martindale; Sarah Eliza Martindale; Frances Ann Martindale; Rachel Martindale; and Martha Martindale. Samuel Martindale was the son of Lieutenant James Martindale.

Detroit Society For Genealogical Research Magazine, Volume 12, pgs. 13-14

Submitted by Gregory A. Inman