From Notes written by Helen Inman:

"Dan graduated from High School and attended business school in Rochester, N.Y. He returned to Oswego and went to work as a bookkeeper with a wholesale grocery company. Later he was hired by the bank there as a bookkeeper. Those were the days when all the entries were made by long-hand. He wrote a beautiful Spencerian script. While he was there he signed on with Skipper McDowell as part of the crew of a sailing sloop. They sailed every weekend, weather permitting, and he had many exciting happenings.

"In 1909 he married Edith Greenwood. Robert was born in 1910. They went to live and work in Detroit for a man who may have been a friend or relative of Edith, I don't know. When they were married Edith had a son Kenneth by a previous marriage. Ken used the name Inman and Dan was fond of him, but he was never adopted.

"Somewhat later the man for whom Dan was working moved his office to New York City. Dan and family moved into a small town in northern New Jersey, Ridgefield, where Dan could commute to lower Broadway. In Ridgefield, Dan's neighbor, best friend and golfing partner was Fred Small, then president of American Express. Some years later Dan sold his share of the business, which by that time he had bought into, to the former owner and they parted company. I think it had something to do with conservatism. Dan was ultra- conservative and his partner was not. I do not know the kind of business it was, but Dan was never a stock broker.

"When I met Dan he was working for a liquidating company headed by Edward Murphy, a brother of Grayson Murphy who had a set on the New York Stock Exchange at that time. Ed would buy a business in distress and send a man out to liquidate it. Dan went to Springfield, Ohio, in 1927 to liquidate the Kelly-Springfield Truck Co. I had been doing the work in the front office but another girl was asked to do Dan's work. It was a demotion for me, so I left there and went to work at one of the banks where I stayed for the next three years. Dan finished the work there, selling everything including the plant and the real estate.

"I had met Dan at Kelly-Springfield and later accepted an invitation to dinner believing he was an unmarried man. Later on of course, I learned that he was married, but continued to see him off and on for the next three years. He traveled back and forth between Springfield and New York. After he finished the work in Springfield he went to Reno and obtained a divorce. When he returned to New York he found he did not have a job with Edward Murphy anymore, but he immediately was hired by the Chase National Bank. The Chase had loaned a large sum of money to a cafeteria chain and Dan went in as assistant treasurer of the chain to look out for the bank's interest.

"We were married in 1930. We lived in Tudor City, New York City. About ten years later the cafeteria merged with another chain and Dan's work was finished there. After several months, a friend, Bill Bailey, asked Dan to represent the Scheffelin Co. in Boston. So we moved to Boston. A few weeks later he was offered a job with Park & Tilford in their import division (liquors) to be state representative for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This job he had for the rest of his working years.

"We had a small place in Vermont where we spent the summers. After we sold the house in Boston we - along with my sister - bought a house in Key Biscayne, Fla., where we spent the winter season. Dan lived for two seasons there before his death of a heart ailment on October 17, 1966."