Portrait and Biographical Record of

Shelby and Moultrie Counties, Illinois.

Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens

of the Counties,

Together with biographies of all the

Governors of the State, and of the Presidents

of the United States.


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William J. Pugh.    He of whom we write is the owner of a good farm located on section 14, of Tower Hill Township, Shelby County. In another part of this volume will be found a more extended sketch of the history of his parents, who are proud of the fact that they are the earliest settlers in this county. Our subject's father is John Pugh. His mother was Elizabeth (Inman) Pugh. They were the parents of six children of whom our subject was the youngest member and only son. He is a native of this State and county being born here near the village of Shelbyville, February 2, 1849.
    With the exception of six months spent in Texas, the original of our sketch has always made his home in this State and county, and has ever been engaged in agricultural pursuits. As a lad, he was educated in the common schools of the district in which he lived and there received such practical and common sense instruction as has fitted him for the cares of the ordinary business man. The growth of this State has been so very phenomenal that one coming from older States or countries would scarcely believe that the educational advantages offered in the districts, were equal, even at so early a day, comparatively, as when our subject was a school boy to those in older communities, but such was the case.
    William Pugh's marriage took place in Shelby County, this State December 18, 1878, at which time he was united to Miss Mary F. Smith, a daughter of Samuel and Margaret (Weakly) Smith. The former was a native of Kentucky, and the latter of Ohio. They were among the very early settlers in this county. Immediately after marriage, the young couple set up their household goods in Tower Hill Township, and there he has ever since resided. His wife's mother Margaret Smith, died here about 1855. The second wife of Samuel Smith was Sarah A. McCullough. Mrs. Pugh is one of three children that were the fruit of the first marriage. She was born in Tower Hill Township, February 9, 1852.
    Upon the marriage of our subject he settled in Tower Hill Township, where he owns two hundred acres, his farm here boasting fine improvements. Our subject and his wife are the parents of two children, Charles J. and Robert W. Pugh. Mr. and Mrs. Pugh are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in which body he of whom we write has been Steward for several years. They are kindly, warm hearted people, with broad philanthropic ideas, and acts that are ever characterized by generosity and purity of purpose. They took a little girl into their family with the intention of adopting her and rearing her as one of their own children. She bore the name of Mary Pearl Dove; she was but three months of age when taken to the hearts and home of her kindly foster parents, and there she made herself a place in their affections that was left very desolate when at the age of three years and eight months, she was taken into the arms of the Good Shepherd and placed in his fold.

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