From "A Biographical Directory of the Indiana General Assembly Vol #2 1900-1984" Published 1984, Justin E Walsh, Editor 

INMAN, Ephriam. 

HOUSE, 1891 (resigned September 16, 1892) (Dubois and MARTIN); Senate, 1899, 1901 (DAVIESS and Dubois). Democrat. Born October 25, 1865, McCameron Township, Martin County, Indiana. Moved to Shoals; to Washington, Daviess County; and to Indianapolis, Marion County, in 1910. Attended common schools; normal school; Indiana University, 1888-90; Indiana University Law School, 1890-91; admitted to the bar in 1891. Married Mabel G. Perry, 1891 (one child). Raised a Baptist; not a church member in 1891; Presbyterian after legislative service. Teacher; law student, 1891; lawyer, 1891-1935. Presidential elector, 1892; Washington sugar inspector and city attorney prior to 1901. Delta Tau Delta. Author: Stories of Hatfield, the Pioneer (New Albany, Ind., 1889): Died February 8, 1935, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. English; Sketches--1899; Indiana Weekly; U.S. Census, 1850; Holt; Thompson-Authors; IBS; Indiana University Bulletin; genealogy; newspapers.

From "Indiana Authors and their Books 1967-1980 Vol. #3" page 196 by Donald E Thomas 

EPHRIAM INMAN: 1864-1935

Ephriam Inman was born in Martin County, Ind., on Oct. 25, 1865. He was  graduated from Indiana University. He married Mabel Perry in 1891 and they had one child. Inman lived in Daviess County and moved to Indianapolis in  1910. He was a teacher, lawyer, city attorney in Washington, and served in  the Indiana legislature. He died in Indianapolis on Feb. 8, 1935. 

Information from A Biographical directory of the Indiana General Assembly.

Stories of Hatfield, the Pioneer. Embracing a Detailed Account of His Experience in the Wilderness of East Tennessee, Kentucky, and Southern Indiana. New Albany, Ind., 1889