Remember When - The History of Trochu and District, page 269

Mr. George Inman was born in 1881 in Manly, Iowa, U.S.A. His wife, Louise Lucas, was born in New York city in 1895. Later she moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and in 1912 met and married Mr. Inman. They then moved on to Idaho.

The Inmans came to the Trochu area in May of 1914 from Nezpierce, Idaho and settled and rented some land three and a half miles northwest of Three Hills. In the following year, 1925, he took up a relinquished homestead about six and a half miles southeast of Trochu, near the farm of Mr. Vern Bogner.

The Inmans were very hard working people. George had mined before this time, but his wife made him promise to quit. He did so and devoted full time to farming the land while Louise worked in her garden. Her skill in this field was exceptional. She was also a capable seamstress, and many say she was a real expert.

The Inmans enjoyed many socials and events in those early days. Going to dances and card parties took up much of their time. They often visited with Mr. Jack
Ferschweiler and many times they went to Pine Lake for special events. The Dimmer and Inman families were well known for being the best of friends. George was a well known big game and game bird hunter.

Mr. George Inman died in 1966 at the age of 85. That same year, Mrs. Louise Inman settled to the Three Hills Golden Hills Lodge, where one of her best friends was Mrs. Bertha Dau. Mrs. Dau had known the Inman family in Idaho and she had come to Canada with them. In 1971, Mrs. Inman died at the age of 76.

The Inmans had no children so no descendants remained to inherit their estate. Trochu must have meant a great deal to them, however, as it was announced in 1974 that they had left the sum of $13,650 to the town.