Research notes for Shadrach Inman

The birth date of Shadrach Inman has survived through family records. He is believed to have been born in North Carolina. The first record we have is of him owning land on the Linville River next to his father Ezekiel Inman and brother-in-law Daniel Goin. (1)

27 Nov 1771 Shadrach name is signed to a a petition along with his brothers Abednego and Meshach for the forming of Burke Co from Rowan Co NC. Shadrach himself could not write. His father Ezekiel and probably an uncle Hezikiah Inman also sign the petition. (2)

According to family records Shadrach is commissioned as Lieutenant in the Roman Regiment of the Militia in a Company commanded by Wm McKennie out of New Bern, North Carolina on the 4th of May 1774 and commissioned as Captain on 5 Jan 1777. (3)

In about the year 1772 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were involved with Daniel Boone in exploring the country west of the Cumberland mountains (what is now known as Tennessee). I will quote from Missouri Historical Quarterly V 6 p 138, April 1912. "In due season they crossed the mountain ranges lying in the path of travel, and winter soon swept down upon them. For days they had little or no food during this time, for that which they had brought with them had been exhausted. They were therefore compelled to depend upon such game for their subsistence as they could bring down with their rifles, and killing game at that season of the year was not always easily accomplished. When they had arrived near the central part of the present stat of Tennessee and were encamped near a cave, probably the famous Nick-a-Jack cave, they were surprised and attacked one night by Indians. Being asleep at the time, and not having taken the precaution of posting sentinels, nearly all of the little band of adventurers were either killed or wounded. Among the slain was Meshach Inman. Among the wounded were Shadrach Inman and his brother Abednego Inman. The former received a wound in the side from a spear, which weapon is still in the possession of one of his descendants. Abednego Inman received a wound in the forehead from an Indian tomahawk, leaving a scar which he carried for the remainder of his life, but surviving his wound, remained nine days without food and with but little water, at the end of which time he was so far recovered as to be able to leave his strange habitation, and eventually and with extreme difficulty, to make his way back to his home in North Carolina. The company was thus broken up and dispersed, and the expedition abandoned. Among the number of those who escaped were Boone and Shadrach Inman. (4)

On the 4 Mar 1777 in Rowan Co North Carolina Shadrach Inman took an Oath of Allegiance along with Joseph McDowell, David McPheeters, Abednego Inman, Charles McPheeters and others. Joseph McDowell was his uncle, David McPheeters his brother-in law, Abednego Inman his brother, Charles McPheeters his father-in-law. (5) The history behind this is that when the Revolution came, this frontier community of English families had few complaints about royal officials. By the Confiscation Acts of 1778-9 and 1782, local authorities could sell at public auction all real and personal property of Tories. Confiscation sales were "like fairs". Land and personal possessions could be found at give-away prices.

Shadrach Inman was involved in a court case against John Montgomery from 1782 until at least 1790 even though he left Burke Co NC for Tennessee in about 1785. (6)

In the fall of 1782 Shadrach was involved in a case against Colonel Charles McDowell who was accused of using Tories in his fight against England. He had sent Shadrach Inman, Seth Hyatt and Thomas Young to the head of the river when he knew they had Tory leanings. My guess is that Charles knew these men and trusted them and sent them knowing they could do the job even if they had had previous Tory leanings. Shadrach Inman was appointed as Justice of Peace in Burke Co North Carolina in 1784.

On the 5 Jan 1787 in Greene Co Tennessee Shadrach was commissioned as Captain of a Company (Foot) in the Regiment of Militia State of North Carolina. He began acquire land on the North side of the Nolichuckey River in what was now Greene Co Tennessee on 20 Sep 1787. When Shadrach died he had 775 plus acres which he passed on to his posterity. He died in the year 1834 in what became Jefferson Co Tennessee.

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