Owner of the Inman Axle & Frame Service, was born in Iowa, February 5, 1890. When he was 2 years old, his parents came to California, settling in Pomona. His father planted an orange acreage in Covina and they remained there for quite some time. He attended the public schools and after graduating from high school, took a course in Mechanical Drafting and Machine Designing. Mr. Inman had always been mechanically inclined and to dabble in machinery was his one ambition. When only 12 years old, he started a bicycle ship and as he grew older his next step was a motorcycle shop, then tractors, trucks and automobiles. He started from the bottom with bicycles and studied as he went on from one step to another, always imporving, not being satisfied to stay in one place. Mechanics have fascinated him so, he has made a study of wheel alignment and axle framing.
    Mr. Inman is a member of the Auto Maintenance Assn. of Long Beach. Like many business men, he plays golf as a hobby. For the past twenty years he has worked on various inventions and has several patents for automobile improvements. When not busy wiht his work, he is busy thinking up some new device."
    Side note from Edie: So far, I have found he invented and patented the following items mentioned above:
    1. Inman Universal Wheel & Hub Press
    2. Inman Universal Housing & Tube Press
    3. Inman Universal Hydraulic Brake Pressure Bleeder
    4. Inman Universal State & Dynamic Wheel Balancer

"The Blue Book of Hobbiographies" By Henry L. Rhea. Page 52, Ulysses A. Inman.