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Charles W. Inman was born in Laconia, Harrison, IN, October 2 6, 1860. He grew to manhood there, learning blacksmithing and wagon making. He was educated in the public schools. He took a business course in Terre Haute. For fifteen years he was a traveling salesman for a wholesale grocery firm, beginning at a salary of one dollar per day, and closing at two thousand dollars per year. In 1898 he began the manufacture of ice, and now has a large plant in Louisville, Kentucky, the Nation al Ice and Cold Storage Company, with a capital of one hundred thousand dollars. He was married on his birthday, October 26, 1887. They reside in New Albany in a fine residence of their own. Cousin Charles has be en a Christian from early youth, a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, having been ever active in church, Sunday school and league. He has be en Sunday School Superintendent for many years, until very recently. Now he is league president.

Furniture Manufacturer and Artisan

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    Charles W. Inman, President and General Manager of "The Inman Company". Manufacturers of Bed Room Furniture, Ply-Wood and Rotary Veneers, is one of the leading business men of Kentucky and one, who has ever at heart the best interests of his City and State. He was born at Laconia, Harrison County, Indiana, October 26th, 1860, the son of Charles and Versalia Nantz Inman. He attended the Common Schools of Indiana at Laconia and the High School at Corydon, Indiana.
Before and after school hours and during vacations, he worked in his father's blacksmith shop. After finishing in the Common Schools he worked regularly in his father's shop until he had learned his trade. He then decided to prepare himself for a business life and entered the Terre Haute Business College at Terre Haute, Indiana and graduated from that institution in 1881.
For sometime after finishing his business course he was connected with Meyer Bros. Drug Co., Kansas City, Missouri as City Bookkeeper. Later he returned home and until January 1885 taught school at Laconia, Indiana, when he resigned and came to Louisville and took a position with John Searcy, Wholesale Grocer on East Market Street at a very small salary. In February 1887 he resigned his position with the Searcy Company and went with t he Ouerbacker-Gilmore Co., Wholesale Grocers on Main Street as City Salesman. He held this position for ten years, the last four of which he w as a stockholder in the Company.
In 1897 Mr. Inman decided to enter the Ice Manufacturing business and erected a plant at Preston and Caldwell Streets, Louisville. This plant he operated as The Inman Ice Company only a year when Capt. Jas. M. Duffy ma de him an attractive offer for his plant, which he accepted, and the plant was turned over to Capt. Duffy. This plant is still being operated and is known as the Duffy Ice Company.
    A year later, in 1899, he purchased a site at 14th and Magazine Streets and erected the National Ice & Cold Storage Company with a Capital Stock of $1000,000.00 Mr. Inman being President, Treasurer and General Manager of the Company. This business grew very rapidly and in 1902 he purchased ground on East Main Street above Brook Street and organized the Merchants Refrigerating Company with a Capital Stock of $2000,000.00 and erect ed an ice and cold storage plant on the site. The business prospered and in 1904 Mr. Inman and his associates, Samuel and Jos. Ouerbacker, increased the Capital Stock of the Company to One Million Dollars and purchased practically all of the Ice Plants in the City of Louisville and until 1 910, he as President and General Manager operated these plants as one Comp any, namely: The Merchants Ice & Cold Storage Co. At this time he sold h is holdings in the Ice business and began his career as a manufacturer of furniture and kindred lines. He erected the Inman Furniture Company 's plant at 30th and Kentucky Streets and began making Bed Room Furniture, now known all over the Country as "The Inman Line".
    In 1917 he purchased a square of ground on Broadway between 28th and 29th Streets and erected The Inman Veneer & Panel Company plant with a Capital of $2000,000.00 The same year this Company purchased a controlling interest in the stock of The Walker Veneer & Lumber Company. Manufacturers of Rotary Veneer and thin lumber. This Plant is located at Mound Cit y, IL, and is being operated as a part of the Inman organization.
    Mr. Inman has associated with him in these manufacturing enterprises his s on, Harry C. Inman, Theodor Kemnitz, E. E. Sutton, U. A. Swisshelm and others.
    In 1920 the stock of the Company was increased to One Million Dollars, t he name changed to "The Inman Company" and all the plants were consolidated or merged into and operated by the new Company with the Main Offices located at 29th and Broadway.
    In 1921 another large plant for the manufacture of ply-wood cores was erected by the Company on the Broadway site and is the part of the same Company.
    This Company at all of its plants employs more the Five Hundred people and is doing an annual business of more than Two-and-a-half Millions Dollars.
    In 1922 Mr. Inman and his brother-in-law, Judge Wm. Ridley, organized "T he Corydon State Bank of Corydon, Indiana. This Bank has enjoyed a wonderful growth and is now one of the leading financial institutions of Southern Indiana.
    In addition to these things, Mr. Inman is largely interested in a financial way and as an officer and Director in the Gibbs-Inman Company, the Ridley Ice & Coal Company and other industries of Louisville.
    He is a member of Trinity M. E. Church. The Pendennis Club and the Masonic Order, holding his membership in Lodge 400 of Louisville.
    He was married on October 26, 1887 to Miss Emma Hildebrand of Elizabeth, Harrison County, Indiana. Three children were born to them, only one of whom is living. Harry C. Inman, 32 years of age is associated with his Father in business. His daughter, Estyl Marie Inman, died in March 1918 with Influenza and Walter H. died in infancy.
    The business address of Mr. Inman is "The Inman Company" and his residence address is 3237 West Broadway.

    The building still stands today on Broadway Street at about 25th Street, a multi storied building, and has a nameplate: "INMAN FURNITURE COMPANY".