Norton Inman Family

    Norton Inman who came to Chase County in 1886, lived in the Champion Community on the Frenchman River.
    His daughter, Vada, who later became Mrs. Floyd Peak, wrote in 1903, that her father lived on the Inman Ditch and irrigated 75 acres. The ditch carried 10 cubic feet of water per second, was seven miles long and no doubt, irrigated a number of acres of land in the area.
    To show the diversity of early day farms, she mentions having 22 hogs, chickens, ducks and turkeys and that they had a cream separator.
    The Inmans were living in Enterprise precinct on July 20, 1912, when they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and 150 people attended. The guests were served with a three course dinner and also a 6 o'clock luncheon of ice cream and cake.
    Mr. Joseph Osler at this auspicious event told of the many trials and tribulations of their pioneer life also the enjoyable times the community had spent together, and the respect it had for the celebrating couple.
    The newspaper said it was one of the happiest events that ever took place in the county and perhaps the first golden wedding celebration.
    (Through the courtesy of Edna Robert, there is a photo of this event in museum files.)

Source: Chase Co., NE History

    A family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Norton Inman of Enterprise precinct, Wednesday, August 4. All of their children were present, consisting of Mrs. Lida Montayne, of Hubbell, Nebraska, Mrs. Kittie Steele, of Underwood, Iowa, Mrs. Ettie Matson, of Elliott, Iowa, Mrs. Eva Owens, of Lamont, Nebraska, Mrs. Alta Yost, of Laird, Colorado, Mrs. Mabel Draper, of Chase county, and Miss Vada Inman. It was a very enjoyable occasion for the children and parents and one long to be remembered.

Source: Imperial Reporter, August 6, 1090

Submitted by Betsy Scott.