JOSHUA INMAN - born near London, England. The book "Quakers of South Carolina and Georgia" states that in 1775 Joshua was living in Bush River, Kershaw (?) County, South Carolina. Married to Ann. Joshua lived in 96th District, South Carolina in 1779. They were Quakers. Joshua made will in 1810 and died about 1814. Executors of will was Thomas Gilbert. On a deed of release, Joshua is listed as a planter. On November 26, 1791 Joshua sold the land he had been granted by Rufus Inman to his son-in-law John Marput, who was also listed as a planter. Joshua also was an appraiser and was listed in many probates "to appraise the said estate." Joshua was listed as a witness to Jehu Inman's will. (Relationship Unknown)

Joshua Inman--third son of Benjamin Inman Sr. and Jemima.
m. Ann ?? ? ca 1760 b. 1729; d. 1814. m. Anne ??? ca 1760
. Children by first wife: Anne???
... 1. Jemima, b. 1759, Newberry County, SC
... 2. Sarah, b. 1761, Newberry County, SC
... 3. Ames, b. 1763, Newberry County, SC
... 4. Joshua Jr., b. 1765, Newberry County, SC
... 5. Aaron, b, 1767, Newberry County, SC
... 6. Rachel, b, 1769, Newberry County, SC
... 7. Hannah, b. 1771, Newberry County, SC
... 8. Martha, b. ca 1773
... 9. Levi, b. 1775, Newberry County, SC
. Children by second wife: Ann ???
... 1. Jesse Inman, b. ca 1799
... 2. Mary b. ???
... 3. Susanna, Susan b. 1803--October 30
... 4. Elizabeth
... 5. Rebecca

Joshua Inman did not mention the names of any of his children in his will. He died April 5, 1810. The names of children by his first wife came from the IGI. Names of children of his second wife came from probate of mother's estate and division of land.