BENJAMIN GREGORY INMAN, PHYSICIAN and SURGEON was born August 11, AD 1826, near Pleasant Hill, Miami County, Ohio , and spent his boyhood days in the cares of farm life. He is a son of Elder George Inman, who was one of the pioneers of Miami County, Ohio, having emigrated from South Carolina in 1814. He purchaced section 14, in Newton Township, Miami County, and retained his original title up to the day of his death, which occurred December 14, 1880. Dr B.G. Inman received an early and liberal education, his father desiring him to enter the ministry (of which he was himself a prominent member of the Miami Christian Conference). The Doctor, however, choosing the medical profession, early began the study of the same under the instruction and guidance of Dr Simmons, who was strictly allopathic in his views. The Doctor feeling a desire to widen the field medical literature and research, accordingly entered the eclectic school of Philadelphia, and graduated with the highest honors of said school in 1851, and from that date has proved himself an efficient physician and close student, having canvassed nearly all the text-books of the different schools, viz, allopathic, hydrpathic, homoeopathic, physomedical, and eclectic. He has one among the best chosen libraries in the State. The Doctor is temperate in his habits, liberal in his views, genteel in his manners, Republican in politics, Protestant in religion, and fluent public speaker. Doctor Inman was married to Melissa Thuston in 1854. The result of this union is three sons and five daughters, all of whom are still living. Dr. Inman is permanently located at Berlin, Ohio, having moved from Pleasant Hill, Ohio, January 25, 1881, and from which date has received a liberal share of patronage.

Burkettsville's first Doctor was a Dr. Inman. He was a succeded by Dr. Brown and then Dr. Charles Sullivan and later around 1940 was a Dr. M.E. Harrell who was also our last Doctor. The Veterinarian was Dr. Neal McNeal who had his office in the old livery stable. He called on customers around 1940 from Ansonia and later retired.

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