Source: History of Whitman County, Page 440

WILLIAM INMAN, - Among the men who wrought the material development of Whitman county in an early day must be numbered the man whose name forms the caption of this brief and incomplete review. He was a man whose integrity was never questioned an of whose worth of character and true nobility none ever entertained a doubt who knew him intimately. Though never ambitious for leadership among his fellowmen or for personal aggrandizement of any kind, he was one of the solid and substantial men of the county, belonging to the class who form the real strength of any community.

Mr. Inman was born in Ohio, on the 10th of April, 1843. He grew to man's estate there, acquiring a good public school education. When he became about twenty years old a desire to try his fortunes in the wild and golden west took possession of him and he came out to California. For several years after his arrival he was engaged vigorously in the search for the mineral wealth that nature might have stored away in her secret vaults. At length, however, he determined to try a surer business, so in 1879, came to Whitman country, located on a quarter section of lieu land about eight and a half miles north and a little west of Pullman, and began farming. From that date until the time of his death he was engaged energetically in the cultivation of the soil and in improving his place by the erection of good buildings, etc. He wrought assiduously and earnestly, and success attended his efforts. He departed this life on November 23, 1893, and his remains were laid to rest in Crampton cemetery.

Our subject was married in this county on January 14, 1883, to Miss Eleanor, daughter of Jacob and Catherine A. (Yoorhees) Van Tine, and a native of Illinois. To their union three children were born: Benjamin F., Alice A., and Katie A. Mrs. Inman's parents are residents of this state and have been since 1879.

Mrs. Inman holds and interest in the Farmer's warehouse at Guy. She manages the farm her husband left her, raising almost all the products which can be produced profitably under existing conditions.