) ss.

WILLIAM C. MANLEY, Route # 2, Republic, Missouri, being duly sworn upon his oath states:

    I am now sixty-four years of age. I was born and reared in Greene County, Missouri, and now live on a farm adjoining the place where I was born.

    I have known Mary E. (Martin) Coker during all of her life. Mary E. Coker died about the year 1934 in Republic, Missouri. She was married at the time of her death to James G. Coker.

    Richard Martin was the father of Mary E. Martin Coker. She was born on her fatherís farm about one and a half miles from my home. She was born in Christian County, Missouri, about fifty-eight or fifty-nine years ago. We grew up together in the same community. I also grew up with Jim Inman. He was three or four years older than I was. We went to the same school together, the Capernaum School. At that time Jim Inman lived with his grandfather, Elisha Couch. Jimís father was either dead or not living with Jimís mother, at least they were separated at the time Jim was going to school and she had married another man by the name of William Sanders, for which reason Jim Inman was living with his grandfather.

    I have often heard and understood, it being common knowledge in our neighborhood, that Mary E. Martin had a child by Jim Inman and that they were never married, and were not married at the time the child was born. This child went by the name of Farley A. Martin until some time later when he was called Inman. I have heard him referred to as Farley Martin and Farley Inman. Some people would refer to him as Farley Martin and others in the community would refer to him as Farley Inman.

    I have seen Farley Inman since his return from the Navy and I know that Farley A. Martin and Farley A. Inman were one and the same person. After Farley A. Inman returned from the Navy, his mother, Mary E. Coker, stopped me on the street at Republic, Missouri, and told me she was getting up some papers necessary to send Farley to a Government institution. She asked me if I knew about Farleyís birth. I told her I did recall about his birth. At that time Mrs. Coker told me that Jim Inman was the father of Farley A. Inman. At this time Dr. U. S. French of Republic, Missouri, and myself both signed some papers for Mrs. Coker. Dr. French is now deceased. These papers, I understood, had to do with the birth of Farley Inman, but I do not now recall the contents of the paper I signed.

    Jim Inman married Emma Martin, a sister of Mary E. Martin Coker, and he was so married to Emma Martin at the time that Farley was born. Later Jim Inman and his wife, Emma Inman, moved to near Joplin, Missouri, where Jim Inman worked in a mine. After that I saw Jim Inman occasionally on his return to Greene County and the neighborhood where he was born. Jim Inman died about six to eight years ago. I am not sure the date of his death, but I learned of his death through his wife, Emma Inman. She told me about his death. I saw her while in Springfield, Missouri one day shortly after Jimís death.

    About two or three months ago I saw Emma Inman. I was standing on the street near Sears, Roebucks on Campbell Street here in Springfield, Missouri, talking to Will Young when Emma Inman stopped and told Will Young that she was staying at the present time with her daughter and that her daughterís name was Inman, that her daughter had married one of the Inman boys, I think it was Lon Inmanís son. At that time this daughter was with Emma Inman and Mrs. Inman indicated to us who her daughter was, she was standing talking to some other women at the time. I never did meet this daughter, never was introduced to her, have never spoken to her. I have no personal knowledge of any other children born to Jim Inman and Emma Inman.

William C. Manley
( his signature )

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 13th day of March, 1944.

My commission as Notary Public expires:
Dec. 17, 1945

Mabel Gargis
( her signature )

Notary Public