Rock Co., WI Marriages

Info Furnished by Elinor Perlich 1996

John B. Inman married Candace Sidmore on June 11, 1849. Book D, Page 43.

Harvey H. Inman married Elicy Martin on April 23, 1851. Book O, Page 148.  Eddy, was the minister. Plymouth. Witnesses Amos Havens and Isabella Inman.

Thomas H. Inman married January 1, 1856. Book 1, Page 242. 

Richard Inman married Mrs. Lydia Davidson on May 3, 1852 at Janesville. Book O, Page 232. Daniel Stansburg was the minister.

Jonas Inman married Harriet Withington on May 10, 1864. Book I. Page 35. E. Riderman officiated. Father of Jonas was Caleb. Betsy (Elizabeth) was his mother.

Richard D. Inman married Lottie S. Mallory on November 6, 1865 in Janesville. Book I, Page 220. Lottie was born in Minnesota. M. G. Dodge officiated. Richard’s father was Richard D. His mother was Isabel.

Edward Inman married Catherine Munson on June 3, 1861 . From the notes, it appears that they were married in Plymouth. Book 2, Page 99. Henry Sewell officiated. Edward was born in Pennsylvania. (Note: John B. Inman, who married Candace Sidmore also married Mary E. Chrisman sometime after Candace died in 1860. Mary E. Chrisman’s mother was Caroline Munson.) Caroline’s first husband was William Burst. Caroline’s second husband was Chrisman.

David Inman married Leusia Perry on January 22, 1852. Book B, Page 207. Peter H. Inman and Parnier Perry were witnesses. David's father was Israel. Babbitt officiated.

Alvah C. Burnett married Jane Inman on February 3, 1852. Book O, Page 217. Jane’s father was Richard. John W. Inman and Harvey H. Inman were witnesses. Eddy officiated. (Note: Jane is listed in Richard’s will as Jane Bunnell. )

Levi Pepper married Sarah E. Inman on December 3, 1854. Book 1, Page 169. From the notes, it looks like Hiram Foote officiated. Sarah’s father was David.

John Inman married Hannah Sidmore on August 16, 1842. Book A, Page 25.

H. C. Inman married Ann Sitira Matterhouse on April 11, 1847. Book A, Page 276.

Mrs. Sarah J. Inman was married December 11, 1866. Book 3, Page 144.

John Wilcox married Effie V. Inman on April 3, 1860. Book 2, Page 28. Effie’s father was David Withington Inman. Mother listed as Jane. John and Effie were married in Janesville. H. C. Hilton conducted the ceremony. John’s father was Benjamin and his mother was Ann. John was a carpenter and was born in Newport, RI.

Horatio Stone married Josephine Inman on September 4, 1870 in Rock, Rock County, Wisconsin. Vol. 4,( Page 183?). Horatio’s father was Horatio and his mother was Garnell. He was born in St. Claire County, Iowa. Josephine’s father was Richard and her mother was Lydia. G. F. Stone performed the ceremony.

Washington P. Force married Harriet E. Inman on April 26, 1870 in Beloit, Wisconsin. Vol. 4, Page 130. Washington’s father was Palmer and his mother was Anna. He was a carpenter and was born in Webster, Michigan. His residence was in Rockford. Harriet’s father was Stephen and her mother was Charlotte. W. W. Case officiated.

Henry Fredendalle (Henry Fredendall is the preferred spelling.) married Helen Inman on March 27, 1870. Vol. 4 . Henry’s father was Frederick, his mother was Hester. Henry was born in Rock County. He was a farmer. Helen’s mother was Hannah and her father was John Inman. (Note: The record lists Helen as Ellen . This is an error. Helen is correct.)

Thomas Oakley Jr. married Nancy Maria Inman on December 11, 1860. Vol. 2, Page 78. Thomas’s father was Thomas. Thomas’s mother was Sarah. Thomas Oakley was born in England. Nancy’s mother was Hannah and John Inman was her father. Orrin Guernsey officiated.

William L. Cole married Elizabeth J. Inman on May 23, 1866. Book 3, Page 218. William was a carpenter. William’s father was John and his mother was Elizabeth. William’s residence was born in LaPorte Co., Indiana and that was his residence. Elizabeth’s father was R. C. Inman and her mother was Mary J. Inman. C. D. Pillsbury officiated. (Note: The writing William was hard to read, I believe I have it correct.)

Zecheriah (Zachariah) T. A. Inman married Rosa Smith on July 4, 1868 in Beloit, Wisconsin. Vol. 3.