Washington Co., KY Marriage Records

INMAN, Golden: bond given 12/7/1830 to marry Miss Dolly Inman, surety Shadrack Inman, Bk. II p. 264

INMAN, James: bond given 12/24/1883 to marry Mrs. Matilda Moore surety William Inman, Bk. II pg. 443

INMAN, James: bond given 5/8/1843 to marry Elizabeth Wright, surety John Wright, Bk. II p. 464

INMAN, Shadrack: bond given 5/18/1831 to marry Miss Polly Milburn, surety Janus McCarty, Bk. II p. 286

INMAN, Shadrack: bond given 1/3/1835 to marry Mrs. Margaret Milbourn, surety Elijah Thurman, Bk. II p. 497

INMAN, Miss Susan, daughter of Jesse Inman deceased: bond given 3/17/1829 by Thomas Whitehouse, surety William Rickerson, Bk. II p. 154

INMAN, Miss Tabitha: bond given 12/28/1830 by Clabroun Matherly, surety Shedrick Inman, Bk. II p.266: consent filed 12/28/1830 by her father Edmund Inman, witness Shedrick Inman

INMAN, Williams: married 5/19/1825 Catherine Morris by Rev. Joel Gorden d/o Nancy Morris who gave consent on 5/12/1825. Testee Jessee Innman & Abner Foster. Surety, Jesse Innman.

INMAN, William: bond given 6/4/1827 to marry Miss Lucy Jeffries daughter of Ann Jeffries, surety Edmund Inman, Bk. ii p. 41: married 6/5/1827 by Joel Gordon, Bk. 3 p. 23