Arkansas Co., AR Marriages

Amelia Inman, age 21 to Bryant Clark age 36 on April 6, 1875, by D.C. Sanders, J.P., pg-345

Charlotte A. Inman of Crockett Bluff to John P. Black age 40 of Pocahontas on March 17, 1868, by Robert Guthrie, J.P. pg-212.

Frederick Inman to Elenor Jansen on Dec. 12, 1866 on S. Crump=s farm, by Lewis Jansen, MG, pg-174

Isaiah Erastus Inman to Letitia Alice Gibson on Dec. 24, 1871, both of Arkansas Co. AR, by Wm. Bowers, MG pg-303

J. E. Inman (correction, should be I. E. Inman) age 26, to Elizabeth L. Shackelford, age 22 both of Arkansas Co., at the residence of Robert Scanling, on Feb. 23, 1870 by John T. Marshall, MG, Baptist Church, pg-271

Leuesa Inman, age 17 to Dr. Elisha M. Leek, age 39 both of Crockett Twp. On Jan. 16, 1859

Col. Erastus Inman/ S. M. Crump, J.P. pg-120

Mary Catherine Inman, age 17 to James Ward, age 29 on Feb. 5, 1867, by E. Inman, J.P. pg-173

Erastus Y. Inman, age 21 to Mittie V. Ewing, age 18 on Dec. 25, 1878, by John Deese, J.P. pg-E-302

N. N. Inman, age 25 to M. C. Crawford, age 22 on Sep. 29,1880 by D. C. Sanders, J.P. pg- E-486.

Note: In the 1870 Arkansas Co. AR, in Crockett Twp., head of the household was: Daniel C. Sanders age 42 of VA, a blacksmith, his wife Eliza age 41 TN, living with them was Isaiah J. Inman age 26 IN; his wife Elizabeth age 28 Ky and a son of Isaiah J. & Elizabeth Inman; Erastus age 12 AR.