Index to Birth Records - Shelby Co., IN 1882-1920 Volume-1

Child Father Mother




Edward Inman John Mary Barter M W 8-6-1882 H-1 38
Edward Inman Joshua Mary Karteor M W 8-6-1883 CH-1 04
Helen Roberta Inman Edward H. Margaret E. Hey F W 7-24-1914 CH-4 51
Paul Hubert Inman Edward H. Margaret E. Hey M W 9-1918 CH-5 09
-- Inman -- -- -- M W 8-11-1885 CH-1 18
-- Inman -- -- -- M W 8-11-1885 H-1 22
-- Inman Nelson Lizzie Barger M W 7-21-1894 H-7 13
-- Inman William -- (Wilkes) (Willis) M W 1-18-1901 H-9 26

Note: The two male Inman children could be twins born 8-11-1885, but their book and page numbers are different. The father and mother are unknown on these children. The first name, of the mother of the last child, was unknown and they weren't sure of the spelling of her last name.