From Sutro Library SC Genealogical Register - Mar-Jun, 1966, Volume IV, #1 & 2

Laurens County, South Carolina Will Book A Estate Records 1784-1840

    Page 41: 21 Aug 1803. Sale of estate of JAMES SAXTON, dec'd. Purchacers: Lewis Dotson, James Wilson, George Cughan, Jos. Williams, Thos. Moore, Marey Saxton, Athey Saxton, David Bradon, Geo. Swindle, Chas . C. Allen, Chas. Collins, Manda Saxton, John Saxton, Lucy Saxton, Jos. McCanter, Henry Hazlet, Alex. Brady, Rufus Inman, Wm. Saxton, Wm . Williams, Wm. Washington, Josiah Deen, John Roberson, Jas. Jones, Robert Saxon, John Mathis.
    Page 61: 1 Oct 1806. Estate sale of JOHN SIMS, SR, dec'd. Purchasers : Ann Sims, Thos. Sims, John Sims and Rachel Sims, John Roberson, Henry Shell, Fred Purtz, John Creecy, David Couch, Benj. Inman, John Rowland, Joshua, Noble, Wm. Grimes, James Scott, and Henry Fuller. Adm: Ann Sims.
    JEHU (John?) INMAN - born near London, England. Married to Mary (May?). They were Quakers. Jehu was listed as living in South Carolina either before or during the Revolution. Jehu (John) died in 1802 (will dated November 9, 1802 and proved December 6, 1802) in Laurens County, South Carolina. (There was a Jehu Inman living in the 96 District, South Carolina in the 1779 census and in the 1790 and 1800 census there was a Jehu Inman living in Newberry District, South Carolina.) Jehu Inman is listed as Executor of Bejamin Inman (his brother)'s will. Jehu Inman was an appraiser and was listed in many probate records "to appraise the said estate".