The Family of Frances Inmon Williams Bowker

My grandfather was for a while a driver for the inter-urban bus line in Dallas. He had several cousins and a brother-in-law that drove trolleys also.

My grandparents had 3 children, Frances, Jackie and Jasper James, Jr (Sonny). 'Sonny' bought the homestead after his father's death. Eventually, Sonny sold it to his son, James K., who lives there now with his family. It was James' wife that got me started with my first large batch of information on our line. She had done a lot of research with our great-aunt, Ethyl Inmon, before her death.

Eventually my grandfather opened a meat market in Corsicana which he ran till the depression. When the depression hit, he was forced to move back to the 'farm', south of Kerens, where he lived till his death. Later he opened a market in Kerens. I have a copy of a newspaper with an ad from his store. (See his pictures below)

My parents were both from the area called Long Prairie. They married at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO in 1940 and had 3 children, eventually. We were a typical Army family until Dad retired in 1957.

Dad went back to work for the government, with the GSA. Mom worked as a secretary for the schools and college and then as a bookkeeper.

They divorced in 1976 and both remarried. Dad died in 1983.

Mom married Alvin J. Bowker in 1980. When they both retired they moved to Temple, TX where we now reside.

Alvin & Frances Bowker

Alvin Joseph &
Frances Inmon Bowker
April, 1997

In Memorium

Alvin Joseph Bowker

September 10, 1910
June 10, 1997

This man is of note to all Inman researchers for his selfless contributions to all of the work that has gone into this web page. He has given of his time and energy, patience and understanding, as well as moral and financial support. He took care of all the things needed to free us up to go any time and any where we wanted. He was dragged to places he knew not where and never complained - he just paid the bill.

This kind and gentle soul will be missed.

J. J. Inmon - 20 <-- Jasper James Inmon, in Army dress, circa 1917.


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My grandfather, as I remember him, circa 1950. -->


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J. J. Inmon - 60


The J. J.Inmon Family - ca. 1924
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Two J. J. Inmons
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Jasper James Inmon, Nina Ann Jewell
Phares Inmon and Hattie Frances Inmon,
circa 1924.
Jasper James, Jr. (Sonny)
and Sr. (Jap), circa 1950.
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