The Ancestry of Jim Williams

Memo Pad My name is Jim Williams and I am the son of Frances Inmon.

Her ancestors are:

1). Jasper James Inmon (1893 - 1961)

    2.) Joseph Jackson Inmon (1851 - 1895)

      3). Joseph C. Inmon (1825 - 1862)

        4). James C. Inmon (1801 - 1844)

          5). William James Inman (1779? - 1830)

            6). Lazarus Inman (1730 - 1781)

              7). Ezekial Inman (b. 1686?)

William James Inman derives from Lazarus Inman, an uncle to the often mentioned Meshack, Shadrach and Abednego Inman. He had two full families. I derive from the first family which moved to northern AL and then to East TX. His second family moved to MO. Their descendants later located in OK and north TX.

The four sons of Joseph C. left AL around the time of the Civil War. They settled for several years in the Anahuac area east of Houston. Several of the sons married there. Joseph Jackson's oldest daughter, Ellie Amelia, also married there.

The four son's later moved to the Kerens, Navarro County, TX area. There were many members of this clan in the area until very recently. Both active cemeteries in Kerens are full of our beloved relatives.

When Joseph Jackson passed away his two sons went back to live with Ellie until maturity, when they returned to Kerens. Ellie's family is still active in the Chambers county area. Several of her children are still living.

My mother, and her family, grew up south of Kerens on a farm just a mile from Alligator Creek Cemetery. This is where most of my closet relatives, from both sides, are buried. The homestead is now owned by my mother's brother's son. Yes, my cousin, James Inmon. He carries on the tradition of father and grandfather of butchering.

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